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Hi there, 

Rory here, BeckComics (@beckcomics) from London, UK. I just have a question on sending comics direct without using: NGC but going direct to CGC for Grading. 

1. How does payment work, if I do just send comics direct and am not sure on the graded quality, therefore the price? If I choose the lowest, i.e. 'Value' would you then change the service option if the comics was in better condition and therefore more valuable? Am I paying for that in advance?

2. If I do send the comics direct, covering costs and insurance, how do I have the comics returned? 

Basically, I'm relatively new to the scene, so I don't want to spend too much on the initial outlay, instead I'd like to send a couple comics for Grading, hopefully sell a few more and then formalise the process a little better - securing NGC membership and sending comics that way. 

Appreciate any help. 

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Good morning, thanks for your message.  Are you currently set up with us as an authorized CGC dealer or a member of our Collector's Society?  You would need to have an account set up with us before you can submit.  Once you are set up as a dealer or a collector's society member then you would be able to access the submission forms online.  You will need to choose a grading tier for your books depending on what you list as the declared value of the book.  This is what you would want covered for insurance purposes in case something were to happen to it while it is here in our office.  You would want to list a value that is close the current market value of the book.  

If our graders felt the book was undervalued by a significant amount, they can choose to  bump that up to a higher tier, if needed.  If that happens, we will notify you of the adjustment and you would just have to pay the difference between the grading tiers.

Please note that international shipments are not insured so you would need to purchase your own insurance through a third party if you did want insurance coverage on any international shipment.   

If you need more details, you can reach our customer service department at 877-662-6642 or by email at  

Thank you!

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