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Hi Everyone!

I've bought from a number of you over the last few years and I've decided to shed a few books that aren't quite in my wheelhouse anymore. 

No returns on CGC books. Returns on raws are fine within 14 days of receiving the book or books. No members of the HOS or anyone from the probation list. I do have a kudos page but haven't really requested any kudos in quite some time. I'd prefer Paypal but am fine with checks once they clear or mo. Going to start with a couple of bigger books (well for me anyways) and then sprinkle in some silver and bronze from several genres over the next week or so. Offers are always welcome. If I've forgotten anything, please feel free to steer me straight. A "take" in the thread beats out any dm's or pm's or ongoing negotiations. Thanks! First two books are:

Battle-Front 20 CGC 7.0 White pages $450 and Pep 143 CGC 8.0 ow/w pages. $300.00- selling at my cost. Bought from Mysterio a few months ago.

Shipping for raw books is $12 no matter the quantity. Slabs are $15.00. Will ship to Canada at exact expense.

battlefront 20 cgc.jpg

battlefront 20 back.jpg



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Both books sold. More coming this weekend! All races now being listed will have a flat $12 shipping regardless of how many books you buy.

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