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12 hours ago, RBerman said:

Good point about Cassaday.  He drew a snub-nosed Beast like the one in the commission above:


Whereas Jimenez and Van Sciver (the other two published X-Men artists whose style reminds me of this) followed Quitely's original dog snout profile. Jimenez:


Van Sciver:


Note also that all three drew Beast with only three fingers and a thumb on each extremity. Except one time that Jimenez forgot:


It seems weird that any of those guys would fail to sign their work, though.

By the way, is it gauche to post examples from the published art like this? I haven't seen others do it much. I don't want to violate forum etiquette.

And that’s a great point about the snouted vs unsnouted Beast iterations. I wonder who drew him, but I lean away from it being the same artist as the other two Storm commissions. I like a good mystery. 

I can’t imagine any of our fellow fans mind seeing more art, but I’m a total newb here, so I couldn’t say for sure if it’s a breach of etiquette. I’d be surprised, though. 

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@RBerman @Latverian Tourism Board 

I have been on the boards 13 years and posting images/panels has been okay.  Posting an entire story would I think be frowned upon (especially if not in the public domain).

Since I was the OP here, I appreciate your insights and thoughts.  I still find it peculiar that the Beast is not signed.  I cannot think of a scenario unless the artist just plain forgot or maybe it was several sketches being done for one person and they the artist just missed this or opted to signed only one?

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3 hours ago, Ecclectica said:

Since we aren't talking about a mysterious Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko original, it was a mystery that could be easily solved, asking directly Mark Spears.

I contacted him through his CAF gallery (see my previous post) and got his reply.

"Hello.  Yes I drew that.  I drew it as a concept for a Beast statue but it never got made."


Wow.  Thanks so much. (worship)

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