CLOSED - Original Mirage TMNT, Venom mini-series, Wolverine, etc
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Now for a few slabs to break things up.  


Absolute Carnage #1 - Midtown Comics variant, aka, Donny Cates's first published cover art! (and it's hilariously bad, but I still love it) - $75


The case has a weird spot on the edge, not visible while looking head on, but you can see it from an angle.  Looks like a crack, but the case is completely sound




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Just want to add that I am always looking to make a deal, so if you think any of my prices are off or unfair, shoot me an offer.  You wont hurt my feelings!


That being said, let's get a few rare horror variants going

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What about this one:


Extremely hard to find foil variant of Highlander American Dream #1, and this one is signed by the man himself....well, one of them....Adrian Paul! Compete with numbered COA - $75


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