2020 Solar Boy Raw Books thread....
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Hello Everyone,

Here are a nice group of comics I picked up form a family that collected over the years.  I kept some to fill my ASM and Avengers runs and the rest are yours.  There are a little over 83 total.  I will throw on a couple now, about 5 or so and then do 75 or so tomorrow night at 7pm to close things out.  Please take a look and hope to get you all some books at great prices.  Thank you


Now for the:




  •   No PL/HOS members

  •  First  :takeit: trumps all PM negotiations.  Once we agree in PM then you can post the Take.  Thanks

  •  I'll take Paypal, Money Order or Check for this sale.  Thank you

  • When the thread is over an invoice will be sent with my address and paypal info.

  •  I'll expect payment within 3 calendar days of invoice, or the book will be available for sale again (unless we've made other payment arrangements)

  • USA: 1-3 Comics $6.99, 4-6 comics $9.99, 7+ Comics $15.10 

  •  Canada: $25 for Shipping. Overseas- Shipping at cost. I only ship overseas to established board members that ive dealt with.

  • General Policy: I Will NOT Accept returns on graded comics....sowwy but for Raw magazines and Comics I will within 30 days of receipt.....

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Aquaman #35---One of my favorite keys--Solid start up copy--Writing on bottom of back cover, detached cover---2.5---Asking $75 SOLD



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