Eclectic Lot of 8 1950s Vintage GGA Australian Digests/Pulps For Auction
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I have what I believe are all Australian digests/pulps for auction.  Manty are from the Phantom Book Series and the numbering corresponds to that series.

Most measure roughly 5.5" x 7.25" - the Carter Brown is roughly 5.5" x 8.5" - So This Is Love is roughly 5" x 7"

I tried to find as much info as I could and have listed it.  I cannot guarantee all the info is correct and would welcome any updates.  Mostly worn but from I can tell all complete.

I think they are somewhat hard to find but I am in the US and they may not be in Australia/New Zealand.  I believe they are all from the 1950s but the Carter Brown may be from the 1960s.  Oddly, no dates inside on most. 

Auction Deets:

Starting Bid is $10. BIN is $200

Increments of $3

Auction Ends Saturday at 1 pm CST.

Paypal Goods/Services.

US shipping media mail of $6 (as I believe these qualify for media mail  but if mistaken, let me know and they will go Priority Mail $15)

International bidders, I will need to get a quote for you.

No returns unless there is some egregious flaw I missed but please bid accordingly as these are not the highest grade.  If you need more pics, please let me know.

If this is somewhat successful, I have a few more I might try that are in better condition but wanted to test the waters with this lot.


Bargain in Blood -1953 reprints US Gold Medal Book #162 - tape on spine, first page has just a small amount of writing - if you need pics let me know.  Extra staples added.

Crime Story Detective Volume #6 #10 - I couldn't find any info on this one - pieces out of covers and spine split about half way but still currently holding together. Great Painted Cover on this one.

Hunt the Killer #6 -1958 - Cool cover, and decent condition but rough spine, The whites on the cover are part of the cover but if you look quickly, it appears there are missing pieces which there are not. 

Knife in My Back #634 - 1955 - Spine roll and glue on spine of cover.

Mountain Bride #269 - 1954 - Star Books - stains, small pencil on first page - rougher back cover

The Case of the Black Orchids #607 - tape on spine, extra staples. small pencil, pen first page/interior BC

Carter Brown #5 Reprints three stories by author Carter Brown - "Lady is Murder" "Cyanide Sweetheart" "Madame, You're Morgue Bound" - glue on spine of cover

So This Is Love - My Pocket Library Series - Small pencil first page but this is the nicest of the lot. 












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36 minutes ago, Beige said:

This should help you my friend - some of these are worth a pretty penny.... up to £40 each!

Thanks a bunch, Andy.  

These obviously have some flaws but still some fun covers.  The only problem with you sharing that link is it makes me want to buy some instead of sell. lol 


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