PGM Superman #104
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2 hours ago, vcac said:

Trying to establish a grade range for a set of Superman comics. Posted one of the earliest/worst ones before. This is one of the latest/better ones. Thanks in advance.






Wear aside, 5.0 to 5.5 being the technical grade range for this beauty, the long term storage environs for this book were perfect. Not too dry, not to moist; just perfect. I love the Boring Superman covers so I know them quite well, I always take notice and this book has the freshest, brightest, as printed colors and finish I've ever seen. The cover white is stunning. There's been no off-gassing or pulp/acid infiltration into the cover, which is why those colors look so pure, as they are not muted by cover aged tone. The original "heat" of the colors when printed is still intact, just amazing. This was not attic or basement stored as are 95% of all original owner collections. Though 5.5ish, this gem would bring a 7.5 price on ebay, or more! 


There are more from this collection? 

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