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1 hour ago, HighVoltage said:

When I met Jack in 1990 or 91 at the San Diego ComicCon, he wasn't signing anything in public at that time.

He told my friend and I, "If I sign for you, I have to sign for everybody - and I just can't do that today."

We didn't know about his health and/or his ability to even sign at the time.
We just knew he was a dang legend, and we were ok with what he said, because we were just so thrilled to meet him.
He did let us take pictures with him, so that was a tremendous consolation prize for us.

The first I had heard about Roz possibly signing for Jack was the two Marvel Milestone editions that came out around 1991 by Dynamic Forces.
I believe the FF #1 reprint had 1961 copies allegedly signed by Jack, and then the X-Men #1 had 2,000 copies signed.

I don't know what to think about those two editions and the authenticity of Jack signing them. It was a lot of copies for sure, but I'm not aware of what
the turn-around time on those being signed was.

In my limited knowledge & understanding, most 'old school' writers and artists signed on the first page of a comic when asked to sign.
I have quite a few signatures on page 1. And I've seen a lot of 70s & 80s signatures on page 1 from the likes of Wein & Wrightson to Claremont & Byrne.
It wasn't until the early/mid 1990s that signing on the cover of a book became more of 'the thing.' Again - my experiences & knowledge only.

Probably some of first books I had signed on the covers were when gold/silver metallic pens came along, and I had guys like Neil Gaiman and Steve Rude
sign their work. At that time, I had Stan and Romita sign with different colored sharpies, depending on the darkness/lightness of the covers.

I prefer old school, sigs on the first page. I’m not really a fan of signed comic book covers. Long live Jack “King” Kirby. 

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Here's the only one I own, purchased off the boards so many years ago....



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I wouldn't trust any Kirby signature on a books cover. I certainly wouldn't pay a premium for one. 

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I would definitely have preferred a picture with someone much more than any signature. Even better is when you meet someone you admire, take a picture with them, then later on have them sign the picture with you on it. I did this several times with Lee Roy Selmon (former Oklahoma Sooner great and Bucs HOF 1995). The only signature I would part with was one he signed of him on a USF magazine cover- sold on Ebay (and shown below).


and here is one of the pictures I had him sign after taking one with him....


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