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I have to ask, why would you want to store anything at -20 C (-4 F)?

I would think not for 2 reasons...

1)Moisture/Condensation + Paper = BIG Trouble

2)Extreme Temperature Changes - There are acids in the paper and ink from the manufacturing process, these acids breakdown and cause decay to the book/pages over time, the more the paper has to expand and contract/adjust to its environment the faster the acids are released which will cause quicker decay of the book, comic preservation is not about stopping the degrading process but slowing it down to a minimum.

Now, if you are looking to preserve them (Cryonics for paper?) for future generations to find fully preserved...

"Keep Books From Extremes of Temperature"

"The rule of thumb is to keep books where you’d be comfortable yourself. Both heat and cold can damage books, which is why garages, storage sheds, attics and basements are usually bad places to keep books."

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I think yes, under some very specific very controlled conditions to avoid all risk of damage, but most of those would be conditions used in scientific studies.  You'd have to account for the moisture/humidity, possibly the types of inks used, and certainly the rate of cooling and reheating (in the event that you ever wanted to thaw them out, which is certainly up to you, no judgment).

But I think if its pretty dry and you're not suddenly flashing from hot to cold (or vice versa) all the time, and your bags/boards are quality with a pretty good seal and your comics aren't high grade, it'll probably be ok.

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Uninsulated garage or attic up north?

Or Mr. Freeze's closet?

Or the Fortress of Solitude?

You've been selected to serve in/at/on Antarctica at the scientific outpost there. You scientist you!

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