Post Your Top 3 Personal Comic Book/Original Art Acquisitions of 2020!
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16 minutes ago, RedGiant said:

Started 2020 off with this single highest graded pedigree copy on 1/2/20:


Then stumbled across this hard to find book:


Wrapped up the year with my personal favorite LB Cole:


Unfortunately also sold the first 2 books in 2020doh!

I'm gonna go ahead and  pre-apologize for anyone posting the next 3 books. 

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On 12/30/2020 at 1:30 AM, RedGiant said:


Then stumbled across this hard to find book:




What a beut! Cant believe you sold it! Worst move of 2020 ;):D

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Ok, did a lot of "trapped in the house, bored out of mind" buying this year, but heres my top 3 with appologies to the River City Copy of Space Adventures #1 and my ASM 129 tripple sig.

#3 Space Adventure Charlton File Copies.

Back in the summer this woman on ebay decided to unload the boxes of Charlton File copies she had bought back whem their warehouse shuttered. I was able to pickup what I thought were the three best looking copies of Space Adventure she had and got them submitted to CGC. Alas one had a stain ans got hammered, but the other two came back as highest graded and Im thrilled to add them to my registry leading Space Adventures collection



#2 Okajima Camp Code book.

Some of you know my love for the Okajima pedigree (if not go check out our 60+ page thread over in the Golden Ages subforum). I lucked into this book one night here on the boards. Usually Okajima camp books get snagged fast, but for some reason this one was still sitting in a thread when i noticed it at 4am during a bout of insomnia. Great Camp code and with a "war effort" themed cover to boot! This is my 4th Okajima camp book, and hopefully not the last.



#1. Moebius sketch

I lived in Europe for a time and really grew to love the work of Moebius (partially cause I couldnt read the French text so I just had to enjoy the art!) Ive tried and failed to win a few different Moebius pieces over the years, but this one didnt elude me! His classic Stargazer character sketched inside one of his hardcover books.



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Only had 2 upgrades this year. 

Been hunting for a nice copy of this issue for a few years, tough to find in grade:


Didn't think I'd win this Everett cover, but happy to have it in the set:



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