CGC SS (9.4s, 9.6s, 9.8s! Newsstands) - Final Crisis 7! [JSC Black Panther 1, 3-6 (Shuri!), Birds of Prey, Catwoman 80th,] Marvel Secret Wars 8 3x, New Avengers 7 Adams 1:10, Batman 428 Newsstand, X-Factor 5-6, SMOS 17 NS
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Hi -

24 hours left on some auctions - including Some competitive bidding going on right now for Final Crisis #7 CGC 9.4!  Does something happen in Infinite Frontier #0 this week that I don't know about yet?  

Here are the J. Scott Campbell signature links: :

Black Panther 1: Here (9.8)

Black Panther 3: Here (9.8), here (9.8) and here (9.8)

Black Panther 4: Here (9.8) and here (9.2)

Black Panther 5: Here (9.8)

Black Panther 6: Here (9.8) and here (9.6)

Birds of Prey (Black Label): Here (9.8)

Catwoman 80th Anniversary Special, 1970s variant: Here (9.8)


Other sigs: 

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 8, 9.2 newsstand, triple signed by Zeck, Beatty and Shooter

New Avengers #7 Neal Adams 1:10 variant

X-Factor 5 (Newsstand) signed by Bob Layton (9.4) and X-Factor 6 (9.6) signed by Louise Simonson - first cameo and appearance of Apocalypse!

Huntress 1 (Newsstand) signed by Joe Staton (9.4) - first appearance of Helena Bertinelli!

Batman 428 (Newsstand) 9.0 signed by Jim Starlin - Death of Jason Todd!

Superman Man of Steel 17 Newsstand (9.6) - 1st Cameo of Doomsday, signed by Louise Simonson!


All CCGs:

Other CGCs:

Wonder Woman #7 (1987), first appearance of Barbara Minerva/Cheetah, in time for all the Wonder Woman 1984 interest (9.6 Newsstand, 9.2 Canadian Price and 9.2 Newsstand)

Batman #92 (9.8 and 9.6) 1:25 Jimenez Punchline cover - 1st Underbroker

Batman 655 1:10 Andy Kubert variant - 1st Damian Wayne! 9.6


Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers:


Please let me know if you have any questions about my stuff - I answer my eBay messages multiple times per day and am willing to negotiate and to combine shipping. 

Take care! 

SWoz (eBay woznia17)

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