(CLOSED) Batman Keys, Other CGC and First Appearance Books for Sale, adding a couple more books
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Howdy All,

Ill be running a sales thread for the next few days. It will have different books, a few Golden Age, a few silver age etc...some first appearances. Trying to raise some funds.  I will only post the title and front picture on most for ease sake. If you need additional pictures feel free to ask. Thanks

Some of the Rules :

1) No Scammers or List people

2) I ship books Priority. Shipping is 9 for raw, can fit 7 books. Shipping is 16 for Slabs.

3) Payment will be made through Paypal.

4) No returns on slabs. Return on raw books must be within 7 days. Return shipping is on you. 

If you have any questions feel free to PM me. I am easy to talk to and have open communication. Thanks!

Kudos Page



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Batman 121 CGC 3.5

Slight Color Touch, this was my reader copy before I upgraded. Probably my favorite Batman Villain key. 

I don't know how much people tend to discount for purple label. I have some wiggle room, since I had this one in the PC for many years, hoping to find it a good home.

Asking $1300 1200 1150


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Fantastic Four 9, 3rd App of Sub Mariner

Subby Action...Just got this back from CGC was previously a 6.5 old label that I tried to CPR, I guess thats the roll of the dice. 


Asking SOLD



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Detective Comics 68

1st Two face on Cover, 2nd Two Face Period

Blast from the Past 1942...can only imagine what batman fans where thinking when this book hit the shelf and saw two face in that cover.

If this character ever got its justice, I think value on this book would go up...dont get me wrong I like Tommy Lee Jones...:tonofbricks:

CGC 3.0, purple because of trimming

Low Census...kind of want to hang on to it as its my only copy...so..

Asking $2000 1900


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8 minutes ago, Math Teacher said:

@956Ref, these are some NICE books. GLWTS!

Thanks! I truly appreciate it!

I also have some Modern keys and variants like Ultimate Fallout 4, Edge of Spiderverse 2, and Young Avengers 1 in the modern thread. Feel free to peruse, while I prep some more books for this thread.


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Whiz Comics 80

A beautiful book from 1946. According to some sites less than 20 on the census higher at this grade. 

CGC 7.5 - Truly Beautiful, Love that Captain Marvel flying in to bust up that illegal gaming ring!

Asking $675 600



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16 minutes ago, TOP22 said:

What do you have left from both of your sales would like to do a bulk buy from you. Let me know, thanks.

Thanks for your interest! , I will be adding some more books to the sale and can let you know when im done whats left.

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Shocking Mystery Cases #56

Beautiful Colors and LB Cole Cover...Low census, always wanted to get the what I felt was the brother to this book with the car crash on front SMC 59, but didnt, won't be sad it doesnt sell and I take that challenge into the future.

CGC 5.5 

Asking $950 900



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