RIP: A Decade of Artistic Loss!

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With this decade coming to a close, 2011-2020 has had many losses.

I made a list of all the comic book creators who left us this past decade. 

I'm sure I left off many. 

Feel free to add to the list.


2011: Gene Colan, Joe Simon

2012: Ernie Chan, Sheldon "Shelly" Moldoff, Al Rio, John Severin

2013: Dan Adkins, Nick Cardy, Carmine Infantino

2014: Al Feldstein

2015: Murphy Anderson, Herb Trimpe

2016: Jack Davis, Steve Dillon

2017: Rich Buckler, Sam Glanzman, Dave Hunt, Dan Spiegle, Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson

2018: Norm Breyfogle, Steve Ditko, Harlan Ellison, Gary Friedrich, Russ Heath, Stan Lee, Marie Severin, Mort Walker

2019: Ernie Colan

2020: Al Bellman, Richard Corben, Mort Drucker, Denny O'Neil, Joe Sinnott



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2011 Jack Adler, Mick Anglo, Eduardo Barreto, Paul Gillon, Dave Hoover, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Dwayne McDuffie, Jerry Robinson, Francisco Solano Lopez
2012 John Celardo, Tony DeZuniga, Jean Giraud. Joe Kubert, Spain Rodriguez
2014 Richard Ayers, Fred Kida, Steve Moore
2015 Luis Bermejo, Brett Ewins, Alan Kupperberg, Earl Norem, Ugurcan Yüce
2016 Ken Barr, Mike Docherty, Paul Ryan
2017 Jim Baikie, Leo Baxendale, Jay Lynch, James Vance, Skip Williamson
2018 Carlos Ezquerra, Mike Noble, Pino Rinaldi
2019 Howard Cruse, James Hudnall, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Tom Lyle, Ron Smith
2020 Frank Bolle, Nicola Cuti, Bob Fujitani, Juan Gimenez, Frank McLaughlin, Martin Pasko, Steve Stiles, Albert Uderzo

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16 hours ago, Timely said:


2020:  Mort Drucker


2020 was a lousy year for all kinds of reasons, but somehow I missed the news of Mort Drucker's death and was unaware of it until seeing your post.  I'm guessing I missed it due to all the pandemic craziness going down at the time.

He was one of my childhood heroes and I can remember spending hours trying to recreate some of his illustrations from MAD.  He'll definitely be missed.

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