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Batman #181 1.8/2.0

Rough book. Cover detached and almost split, but top staple and up is still attached. Bit of rust on bottom staple. Centerfold intact! But bottom staple of centerfold detached. Tape pull just to the left of robin's chin. Everything else visible in pics...



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12 minutes ago, milhousb said:



Take these 3 per PM, thanks!

^^ Thank you.

STILL some good deals lingering... Thanks to all who have taken thus far... You're catching me in one of those moments where I feel the need to purge.

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Thread cleaned up. Believe I’ve marked everything that has sold. If anyone wants to square up, at any time, shoot me a PM and I typically ship the following day. You’re also welcome to ride the thread out. I’m easy...

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On 1/6/2021 at 4:30 PM, Callaway29 said:

Wings #91 4.5

Desirable book. Obviously pretty bad tanning but presents fantastic for grade. Took lots of pics because the color seemed to change depending on where I took the pic...

Posted this awhile back, trying again with better price. Last 4.5 sold in January 2019 for $675. My ask is $425. Let's sell this...








take per PM

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