Stories about our first contact that sealed our love for comics in general
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Yes me too but how??

By removing the "y" and adding "ie" instead to make the word "stories" instead of "storys" /s :p But seriously, you should be able to edit a thread title when going to edit things. 


I'm way younger than most of the people here at 28, so my story is vastly different. 

I grew up reading manga, specifically Shonen Jump Magazine from 10 years old when it debuted in 2003 in the US. Ironically, even though I read manga, as I grew up I always thought comics were for kids. And I don't mean like how anti-comic bigots speak, but i literally thought they were just written as kids books akin to Calvin and Hobbes. 
I've always thought Superheroes were cool as a result of being born in the '90s and having access to a television to watch things like Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Justice League, and Teen Titans. I had always been a geek, but actual comics never met my hands until one day in 2008, I was at the pizza place where people would gather to play Magic: the Gathering. 
I was talking with one of my friends, who was in his late thirties to early forties, while I was only 15 at the time, and he's talking about how he can't believe they are making a movie about the best comic book of all time: Watchmen. 
I ask him about it, as I had never heard, and mention "Aren't comics just written for kids?" and he goes off on me telling me how Watchmen changed his life, and how it's very, very adult and has loads of themes that a child couldn't understand. 
He then pushed me to read the book before I went and saw the movie, and so I did. 

Watchmen was the first comic book I ever read. And now, it's still regarded as the best comic book I've ever read, and is the one book that got me hooked into this hobby. 

Since then, I've read a lot more, and have learned that comics are written for literally everyone. No matter what, you should be able to find a genre and story and character that appeals to you in the vast multitude of comics. 

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For me, Saturday morning cartoons are to blame, specifically Spider-man and his Amazing Friends.  Ironically though I never collected Spidey, but he had a group of guest stars that wowed the out of me...The X-Men.  It was the origin story of Firestar.  Juggernaut was featured in a battle with the X-Men and it was pretty epic!  I was hooked and bought my very first comic, X-Men 172 right off the rack.  Wolverine became my favorite character and remains so today.  From that issue I learned about back issues and such so I started collecting mainly X-Men and other mutant related books like New Mutants.  And I still have that XM 172, which has since been signed by Shooter and slabbed.

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Really started when I was 11.  There is a Walgreen's about a block away from my parents house and with my allowance every week, I'd go to said Walgreen's and buy candy, toys, etc.  One day I noticed a spinner rack with comic books and saw Night Thrasher #1 ( with it's horrible foil cover and over-exaggerated 90's Saltares cover.  I was immediately drawn to it and read the entire book right there, in the middle of a Walgreen's toy aisle.  I'm forever indebted to Night Thrasher and spinner racks.

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