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Good evening fellow boardies - I’m cutting my collection down and focusing on a few books , therefore I have to part with some , many of the ones below don’t have a substantial sales history but I’m going to price them as accurately as possible , I don’t plan on having the obligatory 10% markdown but am open to offers within the realm of sanity ...


and without further adieu...


No People on Shield / Hydra’s hit list 

1st :takeit: posted here trumps any convo on pm’s

Payment through PayPal or check 

Shipping through USPS Priority - add another $13 on for slabs , $6 for raws ( up to 5 comics  )

 US only ( sorry Canada 🇨🇦

No returns 

Feel free to stop by and thread carp...

Walking Dead # 19 (8.5) - First Michonne -two spine ticks on the L side Lee this lower and some color rub on the back bottom L corner -$150

Captain America # 6 (9.4) 1st winter soldier- $75  SOLD

DMZ #1 (9.0)- curl in bottom L front cover is only defect -$65

Venom #4 (7.5/8) some wearable color rub on front and rear cover and it’s a double for me  -$25 

Secret Wars #1 (9.6+) may have a shot at 9.8 only defect is small tear on rear top L back cover - colors are stunning $70

Terminator: The Burning Earth # 1-5 - First Alex Ross work , grades vary from 7.5+- 9.0 - $35

Walking Dead # 1 CGC (9.2) unpressed and signed by Kirkman $1400 

Before Watchmen : Comedian #4 CGC (9.8) 2x signed by Azzarello and Jones $200

Green Lantern #9 CGC (9.8) Signed By Sciver - one of the coolest variants ever! $300

Next Men # 21 CGC (9.2) First Hellboy - I hate to see this one go ...$225

New X-Men #128 CGC (9.6) First Fantomex- Signed by Sciver same day as GL! $125

NYX #3 CGC (9.0) First X-23 $400

Marvel Zombies #1 CGC (9.6) signed by Suydam $225




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