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Please help me grade this. All your help appreciated.  Description

It is Bright & Vivid with all the original gloss to the covers. The interior pages a just as nice  with a slightly off white colour and vivid inks.Staples are Solid & Tight.The only noticeable defect is a small scuff/chip in the top left back cover and a bit of faint yellowing on the back. When I was taking photos, I picked up a defect you can’t see on 1st inspection. If you look straight on you really can’t see it so it does not show up in the scans (pictures with blue background - photos have black backgrounds). But if you hold it off to the side to look (shows in the photos because the light source was in from in front and off to the top right ie at an angle) you can see a faint rectangle (about 1/2” x 2 1/2”) starting at the P in Spider-man and running down to Spidey’s left shoulder. The bottom of the rectangle is not seen at all and the top & right side is pretty much invisible- you really have to hold it up to the light and move the comic around to see it. The left side of the rectangle can be seen faintly















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7.5  perhaps a 7.0 . That back upper corner is really pretty mashed. When you get to 8.0, we're dickering about mild creases. It's an unfortunate circumstance. 

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