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Putting up a few books to sell today, we'll start with a few graded books and see where it goes. I’ve only sold a few books on the boards but I’ve bought a few. You can check out my kudos here and my Ebay feedback here.

Usual rules apply, no HOS or Probations, first in the thread wins and trumps any PM negotiations in process.

Paypal, check (must clear before shipping) or money order is fine.

Shipping via USPS Priority to US only, CGC books are a flat $10 each, raw books are $8 for first 4 books, $12 flat for more than 4.

I’ll send an invoice after the thread is closed or if you ask for one. Payment required within 48 hours after the invoice is sent.

No returns on CGC books, raw returns up to 14 days.

Thanks for looking!

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My mistake, was going to contain a copper book
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