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HELLBLAZER #1-300 Full Set VF/NM, w
Bad Blood #1-4, Books Of Magic 1 & 2, Chas The Knowledge #1-5, Lady Constantine #1-4, Papa Midnite (all full sets) + Secret Files #1, Suicide Bridge, Annual #1 (323 issues in total)

A vast majority of the 323 included issues are above 9.0, but I prefer to grade tightly and have a pleasantly surprised buyer as opposed to over promising and under delivering. This is a personal set which was bought monthly, read and then stored away for the duration of the series. Due to its size alone, this is a tough set to put together, but also contains some fantastic storytelling and excellent art. While there aren't many "keys" in this set, #1 (9.0, w) & #27 9.4, w) have been photographed separately due to their demand. The black back of #1 and the very tough front & back covers of #27 look very clean so I tried to reflect that in the photos.

$900 (includes S&H) Always open to offers! *EXEMPT from  25% & 50% OFF sale, but reduced to $750.








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On 2/25/2021 at 7:59 AM, Hey Kids, Comics! said:


Great deal!  Wish I had seen that TMNT set first.  :applause:

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Lobo Unbound #1-6 Full Set NM-, w $30

Nightcrawler #1-4 Full Set VF/NM, w $12

Alice Cooper The Last Temptation #1-3 Full Set NM, w $15

X-Men Origins LOT Of 3 Nightcrawler (VF+), Sabretooth (NM-), Wolverine (VF/NM), all w $15

Wolverine: Father NM, w $13

The War #1-4 Full Set GN TPB NM, w $12 (beautiful, unread copies)

Black Orchid #1-3 Full Set GN TPB NM, w $10

Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight Halloween Special LOT Of 3 
1993 NM-, 1994 NM, 1995 VF-, all w $15

Dr. Fate (The Return Of, 1988) #1-12 Full Set NM-, w $30

Iron Man #225-232 ARMOR WARS Full Arc VF/NM (or better), w $60


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Posted (edited)

Huntress #1-5 NM, w (beautiful, HG copies) $30

Hellblazer City Of Demons #1-5 Full Set NM-, w $25

Crimson Avenger #1-4 Full Set NM-, w (excellent gloss/color) $12

Batman Vengeance Of Bane II VF, w $8

Superman For Earth GN TPB NM, w $8

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy #1-3 Full Set GN TPB NM, w $15

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LOT Of 17 VF/NM, w (IMAGE, 1996)
#1, 3-5, 11-21 $95 (sold)



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