Has your commissioned art ever influenced a comic? Have you influenced a series some other way?
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  There are examples of commissions later being used as covers etc. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone?

  It happened to me in a pretty unique way, and with my favorite character too. 

  When Dynamite ran their second Chastity series, I bought some pages from the series artist Daniel Maine. I also commissioned one of the series variant cover artists, Catherine Nodet (super underrated btw), to do a commission of the character for me.

Since it is briefly mentioned in issue #1 that Chastity pays the bills via part time burlesque, I asked Catherine to incorporate that into my commission. I asked her to keep it sexy but respectful, get across Chas's fun personality, and to include red and purple. 

  Catherine sent me a rough outline that included a giant cross on the outfit. She asked if I wanted the cross removed or if I wanted the cross made solid instead of fishnet. I told her to keep the cross and keep the netting. She delivered me a beautiful piece and with a handwritten letter confirming we created it together and she drew it for me, too.

  To my surprise, I opened up the last issue of the series and Chastity and many other characters were doing a burlesque performance... In these very outfits. She wore them across numerous pages. Since I was in contact with the interior artist and co-writer of the series, I asked him how that came about.

   He said he saw an amazing commission posted on one of the cover artist's Instagram accounts (my commission) and thought the outfit was perfect for the character so he decided to incorporate it into the series finale.

Pretty cool ... Needless to say I had to pick up one of the pages the outfits appeared in, too.

So... Share your cool stories like this if you got em!



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That’s a great idea. I remember my comic shop in Vegas was used in a comic page...but can’t remember the book.

i have tried to influence a few artists but ultimately they know what they are doing. Great idea and outcome for you though!!!

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