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Ok, so same rules apply here as in my gold/silver/bronze thread:

1. No hall of shame, probation, etc 

2. Paypal, check, bank transfer for payments

3. Shipping will be at actual cost.  We can discuss options and work out what ever is cheapest for you!

4. No returns on slabs unless they arrived damaged or something.  Returns allowed on raws only if I failed to mention something like color touch, trimming, missing pages, etc.  Please examine pics closely and ask as many questions as you need, I'm here to help! (....and make money!)


Here come the books!

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Posted (edited)

Lethal Protector #1 - $700


SOLD to anonymous buyer via PM

Gold variant signed and sketched by Mark Bagley, Sam De La Rosa, Al Milgrom


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1 hour ago, Nic8612 said:

Amazing Spider-man 529 - $200

Signed by Ron Garney and J. Michael Straczynski



Edited by SkOw
Explained to Nic in PM. Grabbed right image but wrong text. Fixed.
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53 minutes ago, Hey Kids, Comics! said:


Which book were you looking for? The ASM or Lethal Protector?


SkOW meant to take the ASM

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