Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 5.0 no reserve on eBay (forgot to put "CGC" in the title)
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That's the book.  You will have a chance to get a good deal on this, because when people search "Incredible Hulk 181 cgc" this one won't show up.


Back story:

I was listing it for a customer, did everything perfectly, then realized it was going on  

We didn't want that so we listed it on

We re-wrote everything and because everything looked great, we re-listed it.

Little did we know that it didn't have "cgc 5.0" in the title.

I noticed this after it being up for half a day and told him.  My advice was to end it, inform the bidders there was a problem with the listing, and relist it that night.  My customer didn't want to, he said to let it run. could very likely sell for less than what a 5.0 usually sells for.

Please have a look and keep an eye on it, as there may be a good deal for you. (thumbsu



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