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Comics were all bagged from the start.

Been awhile since this thread had posts on it and I thought now would be a good time to touch on how stacking my collection has affected the grades over all.

There has been some damage to some of the comics at the bottoms of the pile. I was worried about some comics developing a slight vertical crease along the spine. This is caused by my not boarding them. I'm almost certain boarding the comics in my collection would have prevented this. If a comic at the bottom of the pile stuck out a tiny bit from the comic above it, the weight of the pile would create an indentation a fraction of an inch along the spine. If comics are stored this way, you pretty much have to check the piles periodically and adjust them. If you don't, what happened to some of mine would happen to yours. Because of my worry, everything is/was stacked Silver Age on top, so no valuable books were affected. I kept all my modern drec at the bottoms of the piles. I can't see this personally as a huge issue because like jbud said back in July, 20103 for me it's all about enjoying my collection, presentation and how easy can I get to a comic if I need to see it for any reason.  If any of those that were damaged ever became valuable AND I wanted to sell them, the crease could easily be pressed out.

By the way, Doug at Comic World stacks all his comics...without bags. I didn't know this when this thread originally started, but I have visited him since...many years ago an witnessed this. He is meticulous though on how they are stacked. Nothing and I mean not one comic stuck out on the sides so for him my problem with the bags, wasn't an issue. I'm sure he must walk up and down his aisles on a weekly basis just to make sure it stays that way. So, it can be done without bags, but you do have the extra work of maintaining it.

One issue one would have doing this without bags is the top comic would be a magnet for any impurities which would decide to settle on the cover. I do notice quite an accumulation at the top from time to time, and wouldn't want to see it on the actual comic. When it's bagged, a quick wipe is all you need.

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