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Some statistics....five weeks worth of books, one week of 'vacation', 749 books processed, 634 sold, 115 remaining, close to 200 pages of thread (on a ten post per page set-up) and over 20,000 views combined.


Given all of this, and the fact that I won't have the next box of stuff until Thursday, I thought it useful and appropriate to start afresh with those 115 books that haven't yet shifted. Therefore, over the next few night I'm going to throw them up here one by one and let you all have a second look at them. Roughly half of them are being relisted at slightly discounted prices, but I have to say, unless you're proposing buying a few items together, these prices are now pretty firm. sorry.gif


For those of you who might have been in the jungles of Bolivia for the last six weeks, here's the background... tongue.gif



In 2004, a major Original Owner collection came to market in the UK. This collection began life as a few books purchased off the newsstand in 1963…and the obsession began. A 'few' books became 'most' books, which became 'almost all' books, and even during the 70s, when many Marvel titles were not distributed in the UK due to the company publishing reprint titles in the country, the collector was largely unaffected. He fortunately lived a stone’s throw away from an American military base and, having struck up friendships with some of the men stationed there, this was where most of his books originated. Taking in just about every mainstream superhero book Marvel and DC published through the 60s, 70s and 80s, this collection of over 10,000 books also contains extensive runs of horror, suspense and sword & sorcery titles from that 30 year stretch. Additionally, due to the source of the books, there are many that contain the Mark Jewelers, Mennen and other inserts.


Unfortunately, Pedigree status is inappropriate, as at the front end, many of the true key books are not present, the collector having missed the early 60s boat by a year or so, and throughout the 60s the grades can be varied, although there are still many quite breath-taking items.


However, when we move forward into the 70s and beyond, the overall quality of the books is astounding. There are untold numbers of 9.6s and 9.8s in the runs with the ‘average’ book sitting at somewhere between 9.2 and 9.4. Not only that, but the technical grade doesn’t tell the full story. The freshness of these books is what you would expect straight off the racks with superb colour preservation, gloss and page quality throughout. Additionally, the damage (what little there is of it) is almost exclusively storage-related. The three most common flaws are tiny corner folds/bends, minor edge wear and very light back cover spine stress. This leaves you with books that display excellent eye-appeal, often greater than their technical grade would suggest.


Having kept the books in storage for almost three years, the purchaser of the collection is now ready to release them onto the market. A few have already found their way into the hands of collectors, but the vast majority remain in the boxes they were in back in 2004.


Prices will not be cheap, but you WILL get what you pay for…the most gorgeous books from an Original Owner collection, graded accurately and guaranteed to be neither restored nor pressed. Unfortunately, there will be little room for negotiation…the books aren’t mine and the actual owner has no need to sell…although I’m sure I can work something out for larger orders.


Regarding the grades I’ve assigned, these have been determined with an eye to the criteria CGC would apply if the books were submitted. Although in the 9.4-9.6-9.8 range, the differences can be so minute, I am confident that the vast majority of the time, these would be the minimum grades allocated. I am also confident that a number of books, if submitted, would come back higher than my estimation; if I have been in any doubt with an item, the lower grade has been given.


For those of you who have not bought from me in the past and are unsure about my grading, I would suggest you take references from some long-established boarders who have – I’m sure that nik, greggy, foolkiller, arexcrooke, sal, mutantkeys and a number of others would be more than happy to help.


However, if you are dissatisfied, returns will be accepted. Additionally, if any of the books are submitted and come back more than one point lower than the grade I’ve assigned, a full refund will be given.


And I’ll eat my shorts. tongue.gif


A few administrative details…unless you are in the UK, Paypal is the only workable method of payment. Within the UK, cheques or postal orders are acceptable. Regarding shipping, four books can be sent anywhere in the world via Air Mail for $10. Each additional book after that will cost $1.25 and if required, insurance can be added at cost, dependent upon the value, obviously.


Regarding who wins what, the usual takeit.gif trumps all. PMs can be sent my way, and I’ll answer them as soon as I can, but until you post that little man in the thread, the books aren’t yours. By special arrangement, and for very good reasons, I might be prepared to post it for you, but you've got to ask nicely. grin.gif


Oh, and every book purchased will come complete with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. headbang.gif



As I said, the next box of new stuff should be with me on Thursday, so I'm hoping to get rolling with that here on Monday 5th March, and I'll be using this thread from here on in. thumbsup2.gif


Oh, and to everyone who's already bought stuff, or simply participated either in the previous two threads or by PM...


Thanks a hell of a lot! It's been damned good fun! flowerred.gif

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