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  1. oakman29


    I didn't think so. Lol
  2. oakman29


    You mean I'm right? I was guessing.
  3. oakman29


    A movie called Fire and Ice , 1983.
  4. Some of you guys are really kickin some booty in your collections.
  5. Very nice Vampi books you've got there.😎
  6. I honestly don't know how you guys that sell on ebay have the patience to deal with people. I would go bonkers with the headaches I here on the boards. You all must be saints.
  7. She's just like any other character in comics.
  8. A bit in my 401K , but not really personally. That is I dont own any outside of my retirement account.
  9. Rupp you have always been a great guy , and very fair in your dealings with me. I appreciate you and your integrity on these boards. I see nothing wrong with what you had done, and I read through the entire posts. In my opinion you have always been above board.👍
  10. I trust your grading eye more than CGC. CGC should hire you as a grader
  11. Steve you are killing it! One day we must see a journal of your collection . Please? 🤞