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  1. 😁 do you have an idea what the titles of the stories are in each pence copy?
  2. I saw the Stones in their 82 farewell tour at the Forum. Only they didnt retire, sons of a ......
  3. No I dont think so, but it's never happened.
  4. Greggy baited me into an argument, and I took it hook line and sinker.
  5. Although he would be an awesome choice, if only he didnt already win it.
  6. Very professional to have your dirty laundry in the video too! Oak- who thinks Cal could be cool, if he wasn't so......well you know.
  7. Damn , you guys just made me need to get these too!
  8. Nice! I like to keep track of my horror compadres, so I friended you. Hope you dont mind.
  9. And that damn blue shirt! Doesn't the man have anything else to wear?
  10. I have found Neal Adam's to be a person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed. Everyone else I've ever met has been awesome.
  11. Welcome to the boards. Us magazine guys are legion, and please check out my journals.