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  1. If I had to rank them: Best of the best: Tom Baker, David Tennant, Matt Smith Very good: Peter Davison, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee OK: Peter Capaldi, Colin Baker, William Hartnell, Paul McGann, John Hurt Hmm, no: Sylvester McCoy, Jodie Whittaker
  2. What is everyone's favourite Matt Smith episode ? For me it's The Doctor's Wife. I think he does "old man in a young body" so well. I had my doubts when they said he would be taking over from David Tennant but was very happy. I've given up on this latest season
  3. This latest season is dreadful Prefer the new Doctor over Capaldi but the stories are baaaaad.
  4. Any love for SMDM ? I also have a few Venus Space Probes, but not MISB like these.
  5. Pics might get me interested. That and overseas shipping option
  6. Looking for these two books in CGC 9.8 blue label with perfect centring. Happy to pay GPA. Kind regards, David
  7. Well what do you know - the book arrived safe and sound today
  8. FYI - Not CGC but there is a raw NM- for sale in the marketplace