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  1. Max Carnage

    The Dr Who Thread

    What is everyone's favourite Matt Smith episode ? For me it's The Doctor's Wife. I think he does "old man in a young body" so well. I had my doubts when they said he would be taking over from David Tennant but was very happy. I've given up on this latest season
  2. Max Carnage

    The Dr Who Thread

    This latest season is dreadful Prefer the new Doctor over Capaldi but the stories are baaaaad.
  3. Mine ripped open and had a mess everywhere
  4. A cherished toy from my childhood
  5. Any love for SMDM ? I also have a few Venus Space Probes, but not MISB like these.
  6. Max Carnage

    Hot Toys! Dark Knight, Star Wars and More!

    Pics might get me interested. That and overseas shipping option
  7. Looking for these two books in CGC 9.8 blue label with perfect centring. Happy to pay GPA. Kind regards, David
  8. Max Carnage

    Full Run/Sets Blowout

  9. Max Carnage

    USPS for the win

    Well what do you know - the book arrived safe and sound today
  10. Max Carnage

    DC Comics Presents 26

    FYI - Not CGC but there is a raw NM- for sale in the marketplace
  11. Max Carnage

    USPS for the win

    Not sure about Ukraine and Mexico, but when shipping to the UK using USPS, you can track on the UK side with Maybe there is something similar for those countries ?
  12. Max Carnage

    USPS for the win

    The sellar has been really good and chasing this and contacted them. Hopefully it's on the way to the correct country this time