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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea what became of him, so I had to Google him after reading your post. It was the raisin in AFTA #2 that caught my attention, back when I really had no clue what a fanzine was. It was the irreverent humor that really made me a fan of AFTA. Many years after, I found issue #1 and #3, but to this day my #2 is only half complete. The part with the raisin taped into it vanished many years ago, I believe swiped by the same "friend" who made off with my FF #5.
  2. Wait, what's this doing here? Archie #139. Bikini cover. Yours for $5 plus $5 US shipping. Is there any appetite here for more Archie books? I've got a stack of spares sitting around here somewhere...
  3. Cosmic Sorcery #1 Really cool zine with Neal Adams, Dave Cockrum (mis-attributed as R. Cochrum), Jeff Jones, Howard Chaykin, Ken Landgraf, George Perez, Gil Kane and more. Rich Buckler cover. Is it my imagination, or does that Black Scarab look like Mick Jagger? $25 + $5 shipping
  4. Captain George's Whizzbang #17 Movie zine, with a Canadian reprint (Three Aces). $12, plus $5 US shipping.
  5. Endeavor #10 $20 plus $5 shipping in the US. Notable for letters from future Dark Horse Comics stalwarts Paul Chadwick and Mark Verheiden.
  6. And another Comic World. This one's ish #21. Same price: $20 plus $5 US shipping.
  7. Thanks for the pickup. I have a few more zines, including one from the 70's with some really cool art (Jones, Cockrum, Adams...)
  8. As a matter of fact, I do have one or two coming up. I'm not sure when I'll have time to post again, but I do know it won't be before 8pm EDT tonight. Thanks for asking.
  9. Comic World #19. Fanzine from October, 1978. Green Arrow article. Reviews of other fanzines of the day, including Afta #2, one of my favorite fanzines in the universe. I love the blurb about the 1978 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide that calls it the classic "injury to the bankbook" issue. $20 plus $5 shipping in the US.
  10. Up first, a low grade Ladies' Home Journal from November, 1953. "What Parents Don't Know About Comic Books" was a preview of Dr. Wertham's "Seduction of the Innocent." Most of the text was printed verbatim in SOTI when it was published a few months later (April, 1954). However, some of the photos and panels reproduced for this article never made it to the final cut of SOTI. This magazine had widespread exposure, and woke up parents to the "fact" that comic books were rotting their kids' brains. Front cover detached, but the article is fully intact and is a fascinating read. A great companion to that copy of SOTI you bought from me in one of my prior threads... I love the way the article state that comic books are dangerous for kids, and yet it includes a posed photo of a girl reading a comic book, while Haunt of Fear #19 sits in her lap. Another photo shows a kid reading Justice Traps the Guilty. Really? What if they had presented an article indicating that drugs are dangerous for kids, and then gave a child some coke to snort so they could photograph it for the magazine? $40, plus $10 for US shipping. This puppy is large and on glossy paper, so it's heavy.
  11. Hi there, I hope you and yours are able to stay safe and healthy during these trying times. Welcome to my thread. I'll list things over the next few nights as time permits. Payment via PayPal goods & services. Local pickup in the Springfield, MA area can be arranged. Payment is expected within 7 days of invoicing. After 7 days, I may relist an item if I haven't heard from you. Returns for any reason welcome within 14 days. If the return is due to my error, I pay return shipping; otherwise, you pay return shipping. These items come from a smoke-free and, to the best of our knowledge, COVID-free house. No probationites or shameful ones. I'm happy to combine shipping when I can, so buy as many items as you like! I am limiting my shipping to once a week during COVID. If you're in a rush, let me know in advance and I'll let you know what I can accommodate. PM's are welcome, but "take it" in thread beats everything else. Please understand that this applies to everybody equally. If you send me a PM, I'll get to it eventually but probably not while I'm in the middle of posting books. My top priority is my family and my second priority is my full-time job. After that, it's comics. So please understand if I don't reply to your inquiries immediately. I try to make sure that I check in at least once every 24 hours while I have a sales thread going. All books unrestored unless noted. I used to be able to say "I have never pressed a book or bought a book I knew to be pressed", but right now I have some books in Sarasota being squished. But suffice it to say that if I know that a book is pressed, I will disclose it. Prices listed are for US shipping. If you're outside the US, just contact me and I'll find out how much shipping will be. Here's my feedback thread.
  12. Thanks to RickHigh's recent sales thread, I'm so thrilled to finally add a nice True Crime #3 to my Magazine Village collection that I had to do a quick group shot. This includes all of the US and Canadian True Crime comics, plus some paperbacks and mags from the same company. One of these days I need to do a group shot of #2, along with all the ancillary items that pictured it: Seduction of the Innocent, the Ladies Home Journal "What Parents Don't Know about Comic Books", the photo of Wertham at a newsstand perusing comics including True Crime #2, and so on.
  13. Thanks for checking out my thread, and thanks to all for the purchases. Invoices have been sent. On Friday, I expect to ship everything that's been paid for.