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  1. SOTIcollector

    Freebies. Yup. Free. Promo-only posters, stand-up

    Packing now. I'm sure one more poster won't add to the shipping cost.
  2. SOTIcollector

    Freebies. Yup. Free. Promo-only posters, stand-up

    Just PM me your address and I'll get you a shipping price.
  3. SOTIcollector

    Freebies. Yup. Free. Promo-only posters, stand-up

    1) Death stand-up, intended to stand on a check-out counter. Advertising numerous Death products. 2) Death poster advertising The Time of Your Life 3) The Crow Brandon Lee poster (not a promotional item) 4) The Crow ad for the Crow statue. 5) The Crow ad for Tundra TPB's. 6) Sin City Family Values. I thought it was a promotional poster, but flipped it over to find that it's really just an issue of Dark Horse Insider. Cool for display, though. 7) Ultraverse poster. 8) A collection of additional Ultraverse posters. 9) Uncut Concrete trading card sheet. 10) Donna Mia poster, featuring Neil Gaiman, in what I think was his first comic book appearance. No, not his first writing. But the first time he actually was drawn into the story of a comic. If you want one of these, or all of these, just post the "I'll take it" and it's yours for just the cost of shipping to wherever you are. Don't be shy about taking them all. If you have a use for them, or you can sell them, more power to you. I'd prefer not to see these get recycled, but if nobody wants them that's what'll happen. If you're unfamiliar with the cost of shipping or need to know that before you commit, please email me first for a shipping quote. Thanks! -Steve
  4. A few goodies here. Most are promotional items that I had in my store 20+ years ago. They have been gathering dust for the last couple decades, and they don't seem to have a significant monetary value. So I'll ship them for free to anybody who wants one or all of them. If there's no interest, that's fine. They'll go into the recycling and I'll reclaim a little bit of attic real estate. Most of these items show some wear from being on the walls of my store, so you may see some tape or pinholes or other signs of wear. I'll be glad to provide more details if you'd like to know the condition of a specific item. No HOS or probation folks. No returns because, hey, it's free. Shipping is at exact cost, in the US or elsewhere. For a shipping quote, just send me a message and I'll see how much it'll cost. Most of these things could be shipped in the US for about 5 bucks or less. First "take it" in thread gets it.
  5. Thanks for stopping by. Thread closed.
  6. If you have any interest in the above items, just let me know. If it turns out there's no interest here, that's fine. I'll move on to other pastures. Thanks.
  7. Two Crow posters. One pretty worn, advertising the Crow statue. The other advertising the Crow TPB's. Both were displayed in my store in the 1990's. Folded, they'll fit into a Priority Mail envelope for $6.70. Let's call them $15 shipped in CONUS for the pair.
  8. Set of uncut Concrete cards. Cool, and I've loved Concrete since I bought Dark Horse Presents #1 from my LCS back in the day. But it's time for them to go to a new home. It looks like if I roll this sheet, Priority Shipping will be about $15 in the CONUS. It's yours for $20 shipped.
  9. One lot of Ultraverse posters. Did you like the Ultraverse? So did I. But really, since I haven't put them up in 20 years, I need to part with these posters. Pay me $2, plus $6.70 for Priority Mail, and that should about cover the fees for me to ship them to you.
  10. Sin City Family Values poster. This retail-only poster came out in 1997. You want it? It's yours for, oh, let's say $5 plus shipping. It folds down to 8.5 x 11", so it'll fit in a Priority Mail envelope for $6.70. Oh, and you want it for less? Sure. Just convince me it's going to a good home, and I'm fine with taking less as long as I don't lose money due to PayPal fees, shipping, etc. I'm not doing this to make money. I'm selling this because some crackpot lady on Netflix told me I have to thank my things for their service to me and then kiss them goodbye. And
  11. 1993 Death stand-up, plus Death poster. From my comic book shop back in the 1990's: This 1993 stand-up advertises the various Death items that were available at the time: Death Gallery, High Cost of Living Hardcover, Death Talks About Life, Death T-Shirt, Death Watch. The 1996 poster is 17" x 22", and shows some wear because it was used to advertise the Death products in my store. It has some pinholes, and some waviness where condensation in the window got it moist. Still displays really nicely, though. Both items for $20 + Priority Mail shipping (about $7) anywhere in CONUS. The poster will ship folded, which is how I received it from DC originally. For shipping elsewhere, just LMK where you are and I'll get you a quote. I charge exact shipping.
  12. Green Lantern Master Series Limited Edition Print from 1998. Warner Brothers stores sold this print 20 years ago for $300. It's a really cool print, but not really in my wheelhouse. I'm hoping somebody here has a use for it. It's a print with the classic origin sequence and preprinted sketches of GL over the years. The print is hand-signed by Gil Kane, and numbered #441/500. Plexiglas front framed to 29.5" x 21.5" with an inner mat opening of 23.5" x 16". In Excellent condition. Looking for comps, I found only one sale at HA in 2017 for $179 + shipping. The first "take it" in thread gets it. The fine print: No HOS or probationites. Payment by PayPal within 3 days. Shipping to US only. Shipping will be expensive for the print plus frame: About $59 by USPS for a package that is 30" x 33" x 2.5" and about 9.5 lbs. Returns at buyer's expense within 14 days. Local pickup in the Springfield, MA area will save you a boatload in shipping. I charge exact shipping price. Shipping will be cheaper if you live close to me. My ZIP Code is 01038. The quoted shipping price is shipping from me in the Northeast to you in San Diego, as a worst case scenario. It is likely to be cheaper if you live closer. I will be charging exact shipping cost at USPS, so feel free to contact me for a shipping quote. I'm willing to ship via USPS or UPS, whichever you prefer.
  13. SOTIcollector


    Well worth the price. This book is phenomenal!
  14. SOTIcollector

    Seeding bins at a convention - how do you do it?

    Yes, a well built rack, filled out just so, can really draw people to your booth.