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  1. I'll start by saying that your partner has plenty of options. He could go to the trouble of selling them himself, he could hire a stranger to put in the legwork, he could give the lot to MyComicShop for one of their auctions, or he could let you do the thing he doesn't want to be bothered with. Every one of those options has a cost to it. Financial dealings between friends and family can be complicated because there are feelings involved. It's never "just business." Tell him you'll calculate a "just business" cost, maybe cut that by a little bit as a favor. Then acknowledge that if he do
  2. It’s anybody’s guess. The Overstreet Guide prices are becoming increasingly irrelevant in an era when people have instant access to real time sales data. The fact that Overstreet lists a raw 9.2 at $175 is virtually useless information. More realistic is actual sales data. To find a fair market value for a 10.0 I would look for similar sales. Is it a high demand book from a major character but lots of people will want? Look at sales data for other high demand characters and books of the same era in 10.0. You might not find sales data for a 10.0, but you are likely to be able
  3. And here’s another possibility to consider. Google the seller’s eBay name and real name. If it is a seller who is known for scams involving switching books, there is a good chance that a Google search will reveal that. It might even reveal a thread on these message boards about the seller.
  4. That’s easy. Unless the listing STATES that you will receive a different book from the one pictured, return it. Even if the sellers listing claims “no returns“, you can still return it if it is not the one the seller promised you. Just open an eBay return indicating that it is not as described. if the seller provides a reasonable explanation as to how they sent you a different book, and they are very apologetic, and if they send you the right look at their expense, you can leave it at that. If the seller does not have a plausible explanation for how they sent you the incorrect boo
  5. Much of the time, the 9.8 is a "better value." But it's all dependent on your motivation for buying the book and what you intend to do with it. Given that you've stated it's going into your personal collection forever, and it seems that the long-term monetary appreciation is not a consideration, then the 9.6 is the better value. The fact that somebody else may pay $200 more for the higher grade becomes completely irrelevant. Buy the book you want for $200 less than the 9.8.
  6. But wait! There’s more! I believe the clock doesn’t start counting until they are in a received status at CGC. From the time your books are delivered in Sarasota to the time they get marked as “received”, it can be about two weeks.
  7. Gotta love the boards. I was about to accept a "best offer" from AllKindsOfFunStuff79. I searched on the boards, and that username didn't come up. A good sign, I thought. Then I Googled the name, which took me to this exact page on the boards. It's odd to me that Google found this page, but the search within the forum did not. In any event, I know now it's not worth the potential hassle of a buyer's remorse return at my expense. Blocked. Thanks, @oldrover