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  1. hi , i'm looking for this 2 , Amazing Spider-man vol 5 #1 Claton Crain Black Suit CGC SS 9.8 and Superior Spider-Man #1 Clayton Crain CGC SS 9.8 , if you have it for sale , please let me know , thanks
  2. need Action Comic #1 Acetate variant 9.8 CGC SS Tony Daniels is there for sale ? i have buy from ebay lately but the seller cancelled it without notify me , no reason , no reply to my email afterwards , thank you
  3. anyone have full list of artist who draw the variants ? i only saw Jorge Jimenez for the Superboy variant
  4. still searching : ASM #800 Shattered Sketch CGC SS 9.8 Lady Death : Unholy Ruin #1 Marat Foil CGC SS 9.8 Spawn #227 Set CGC SS 9.8 McFarlane and Stan Lee
  5. already got the Color version of shattered variant of ASM #800 , need the sketch version or maybe the Todd McFarlane CGC SS 9.8 still search for Lady Death Unholy Ruin #1 Foil CGC or CGC SS 9.8 thank you
  6. already got the Venom , search for the ASM #800 Shattered Set CGC SS 9.8 , and now with Lady Death : Unholy Ruin #1 Marat Foil CGC SS 9.8