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  1. That's hilarious! Most people don't even know what a Koto is. It's too bad, but I already paid for it and I'm going to pick it up this weekend
  2. Thank you all for the offers and interest, but it seems I should just close it for now and keep it for myself
  3. For sale is my Star Wars #1 CGC Signature Series 6.0 signed by: Carrie Fisher David Prowse Ian McDiarmid Anthony Daniels I collected these signatures over a few trips to the Calgary Expo. The allure of this book isn't the condition, but the signatures. I'm somewhat reluctant to sell it, but my daughter wants to start learning to play the Koto (Japanese harp) and the price of the instrument is a little higher (now quite a bit since price drop) than what I'm asking for this book. It is very difficult to put a price on this book. I'm basically going to price it at what it cost me to get it signed and submitted for all of the signatures plus a little bit. UPDATE: With price drop, I'm pretty much selling this at cost of what I put into the book. Price= $999 $899 $799 USD shipped to the US and CANADA. Paypal accepted. First on the threads trumps all PM negotiations. No returns Feel free to PM me with offers. On a side note, Carrie Fisher was an awesome person to meet. She was absolutely hilarious, honest, and a wonderful spokesperson for mental health issues. She is sorely missed.
  4. For sale is my copy of Fantastic Four #5 CGC 3.0 Off white pages, the first appearance of Doctor Doom (as I'm sure you all know anyways!) The price on this one is in a state of flux and I'm basing my asking price on the following October sales as listed on GPA. 2.5 sold for $3100 in October 4.0 sold for $4500 in October Therefore, I'm listing this 3.0 for $3700 USD s $3500 USD shipped with tracking to Canada or the US. I prefer Canadian customers so if you're in Canada we might be able to come up with a deal. Paypal is accepted as well as Electronic Etransfer in Canada. No returns exchanges etc. No probies Here's the link to my kudos thread. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have! I think the price is fair, but I will consider all REASONABLE offers. First unconditional in the threads trumps any back room negotiations.
  5. Hello fellow collectors. I am selling off my copy of Werewolf by Night 32 CGC 7.0 UK edition. Asking price is $550 USD shipping included to the US and Canada. These tend to sell for 75% of the cents version which is what I based my price on using current GPA. I accept Paypal, or if in Canada etransfer. I prefer to ship this within Canada and tend to give preference to Canadian buyers (we can deal in CAD dollars). It's a very nice looking book, and I don't really want to part with it, but I bought a rather expensive Shakuhachi (japanese bamboo flute) which I've been learning to play for the last year and need to help pay for it. First unconditional on the thread trumps any background negotiations. Feel free to PM me with an offer, but I feel this is a fair price. Thanks for looking!
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    Parabellum's feedback thread

    Awesome buyer! Fast Payment on a higher priced book! No problems whatsoever.
  7. I don't really want to sell this as it is pretty special to me, but I want to be responsible and pay off some debt! I have for sale, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, First Print. It is a CGC SS 9.0 signed and sketch on cover by Kevin Eastman. It is also signed on the inside cover by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. I got this signed by Kevin at the Calgary Expo when he was there. He said at the time, that the signatures inside were likely signed at the Portsmouth Mini-con in 1984 where they were signing and giving these away! Also included is the custom frame I had made for this book as shown in the pictures below. This one is hard to price as everyone knows. The most recent 9.0 sale was back in May at $4500. A 9.2 sold in April for $5999. However, some more recent sales in August of lower grades (8.0-8.5 selling in the $4200-4500 range) show that this is no longer a very accurate price. Thus I have arrived at what I believe to be a fair and good deal for this book. Price is $5300 USD shipped to the U.S. and Canada. You may or may not agree with the price, that is up for you to decide. I am willing to entertain offers, but nothing insulting please! Feel free to PM me. First on the threads trumps all background negotiations. There will be no returns accepted for this book. I accept Paypal or Electronic Funds Transfer. I am willing to deal in Canadian Funds with fellow Canadians and you may be able to squeeze a bit of a deal out of me as it is cheaper to ship within Canada! My fellow Canadians....with the Canadian Dollar at a pretty decent rate now, and with many American friends unwilling to ship to Canada, now is your chance to own the most sought after Copper Age Miracle of Miracles at a fair price!! Here is the link to my Kudos Thread Here are the pics. Enjoy!
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    Nominating BruceParker

    I still have not heard anything from him. It's like he's fallen off the face of the earth... or avoiding us!