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  1. Final bump! This will close after this weekend if I can't make a deal. Please PM if you're interested. All reasonable offers will be considered. After this weekend off to auction.
  2. 皆さんは Google Translate を使いましてと思います. 変な日本語ですから。 ここで本当に誰か日本語話せますがいますか。 じゃあバンプ します。 Thanks for the interest so far but only tire kickers as of yet. Feel free to PM me with an offer! I can be reasoned with. I noticed an MSE 15 9.2 just sold for $900 so $750 is now below most recent sale....
  3. ST 126 CGC 9.2 OW-W This one I'm reticent to sell and the price reflects this. I'm well aware of GPA data but we all know Clea is going to be in the next movie which I think will take this one back up to former levels when Dormammu was the thing for this issue. Combined with the fact that its hard to find in this grade my price is: $1700 $1600 You might disagree but that's okay . I wouldn't mind hanging on to it.
  4. Fantastic Four Annual #6 CGC 9.0 White pages. First Franklin and Annihilus! Pretty sure this one is going to go up but you can't hang onto it forever. This could press to a 9.2 I think if you're into pressing. $1100 $1000
  5. Avengers #1 CGC SS 3.0 OW Kinda hate to let this one go. Love it so much $3000 $2900
  6. Hello boardies. I'm taking my family on a vacation to Japan this coming December and it is time to sell some books to fund it. Know that a purchase from this thread will help to broaden the young minds of my kids (age 12 and 15) as they experience the wonderful culture of Japan. I used to live there and haven't been back for 15 years so I'm pretty pumped about it. Anyway, on to terms and conditions. All prices are in USD and ship free within Canada. I am in Canada and prefer to sell to my fellow Canucks. So Canadians, here's your chance to get some good books without having to pay customs! Outside of Canada there will be an additional shipping fee to be determined by location. If you're from the US contact me for a shipping quote. (I have to ship with courier to get enough insurance on the book as Canada Post will only insure up to $1000 internationally). No returns. Paypal accepted. Canadians can get a discount if we use EFT. Further discount if you come pick up the books from me in person. I live in Swift Current, SK. right on the #1 highway. I will consider reasonable offers but no low balls please. First in the post trumps any pm bargaining. If you tell me you'll take it in a pm I will ask you to post in the forum to confirm. Until then its still fair game. Books and prices to follow.
  7. What I think would be awesome, but I know they won't do: Dane Whitman is Sir Percy. Sir Percy is actually an immortal (similar to the eternals) who has taken on different persona over the years. Kind of like a marvel Highlander! Perhaps too off the wall??
  8. This is not surprising. However, you can't have Dane Whitman without the legacy of Sir Percy. The origin of the ebony blade, unless they change it drastically will have to include Sir Percy and Merlin. I personally would love to see a Marvel Medieval version of the black knight set in Camelot. I think it would be fantastic, but probably doesn't fit into the grander scheme of things. One shot stories aren't really Marvel's mojo.
  9. I bid on this one, but nothing close to what the end price was. Crazy!