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  1. Nominating BruceParker

    No, I waived the deposit which I now wish I hadn't done. Live and learn.
  2. Nominating BruceParker

    Also, thanks for the heads up about my phone number. I forgot that was in there! I edited it out. I always end up going to the Calgary Expo. I would like to come to the Edmonton Expo, but my anniversary is on Sept 18th and convincing my wife the Edmonton Expo is a great anniversary trip is somewhat difficult
  3. Nominating BruceParker

    I'm actually not super upset by this, but felt it should be reported. After all, I still have my book I thought the 30 days was from when the deal was made. Since this was a face to face transaction, it seemed appropriate to report it at this time since the condition of sale was to meet yesterday and we can no longer meet face to face as I'm not going to be going to Edmonton again.
  4. Nominating BruceParker

    No, I was going there with my family on holidays anyway which was why I agreed to sell it to him and I believe he agreed to buy it, because we could do a face to face transaction. Originally the meeting was to be on the 18th which was what we had agreed to on July 12th, but I had made a mistake as to when I was going to be there so we changed it to yesterday. As well, I waived the deposit in favour of him paying all up front directly. Everything else you said was correct.
  5. Nominating BruceParker

    Also, I did indeed message him before posting here that I was submitting this.
  6. Nominating BruceParker

    As I said, I started contacting him last Thursday to finalize the time and place, but haven't heard anything. I would be very willing to withdraw this if he would at least tell me what happened. Perhaps he had some kind of emergency etc. These are things I'm willing to forgive. Here are my last messages to him on the board. I also phoned him, left him messages, and texted him. It was indeed his phone number, as his message machine confirmed it was for Alex Hope. Hey Alex, I sent you a text yesterday to the number above just to check and make sure it's the right one. Did you happen to get it? Quote Edit Report reply TrevorP24 Replied: Wednesday at 08:44 PM Alex, Could you please contact me to arrange a meet time and place for Friday. Call or text me at CENSORED is best. Or email me at Ive texted and left a message on your voicemail a few times. I'm starting to feel like you've changed your mind? I will understand if you're having sudden financial difficulties. Just please let me know. Quote Edit
  7. Nominating BruceParker

    The last day I had contact with him was July 23. The deal was made on July 12th. We were to meet yesterday to do a face to face transaction where he paid directly with either cash or money order and I handed him the book. BruceParker Replied: July 12 $8,100 and call it a deal? I can do cash or money order on delivery. I'm newer to the boards, but have already made a few purchases if you require references. I'm steamed I missed out on that AF 15 you sold last year now lol. Quote Report reply BruceParker Replied: July 12 Will that work for you, Trevor? Quote Report reply BruceParker Replied: July 12 Maybe I can buy another book to make up the difference haha Quote Report reply TrevorP24 Replied: July 12 Hey I just got home from work here. Yes, let's call it a deal. Go ahead and put an "I'll take it as per PM" on the board. I would like some sort of non refundable deposit though. It doesn't have to be a huge amount. Say $600? Then pay $7500 when we meet up in August? I do have one other book I've been thinking of selling, but may not interest you. TMNT #1 first print CGC 9.0 Signature Series signed by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. This one really is my baby! I got it signed and sketched at Calgary Expo when Kevin Eastman was there. It was signed at some point in the past by both of them on the inside cover. Quote Edit Hey Alex, I got my dates wrong earlier with when we will be in Edmonton. We are going to be there Thursday August 10 to Friday August 11. Will this still work for you? I'd like to try and meet when we first get there Thursday morning (I don't want to leave the book in the car, or in the hotel room if you know what I mean). Trevor Quote Edit Report reply BruceParker Replied: July 23 Hey Trevor, That shouldn't be a problem. It may need to be the Friday though if that's okay by you? I hate to make you leave it in the car, but that Friday is a payday and just in case I need any extra funds I'll use them come then. I hope that won't be a problem! Thanks! Quote Quote this Report reply TrevorP24 Replied: July 23 Sure Friday will be fine. I'll figure something out to keep it safe. I'll message or text you closer to time to finalize things. Trevor
  8. Nominating BruceParker

    If someone can tell me how to get PM messages to copy into this thread, I can post our conversations.
  9. Nominating BruceParker

    I am nominating BruceParker whose real name is Alex Hope. I see that he has already been nominated by Amazing Comics as well. We had an agreement for him to purchase my ST110 CGC SS 8.0. We were to do a face to face transaction in Edmonton. A week before, I tried to contact him to set up the specific time and place. He failed to respond to my messages, texts, phone messages, or phone calls. I tried nearly every day to contact him leading up to the date. I hauled the book from Saskatchewan to Edmonton on my holiday to do the deal, and he never did respond. For failing to fulfill his side of the bargain, rudeness in ignoring me, I feel he should be submitted for probation.
  10. Sold! Thanks for all the inquiries and offers everybody!
  11. Price dropped to $7300 shipped! This is now below GPA people. Can we make a deal here? I've had a couple of inquiries but nothing solid yet! This is my last bump before I think I'll move it over to Comic Link.
  12. Fellow Canadians, PM me for a special CAD price!
  13. Hi all, I tried selling this a little while ago but had no luck. I'm here to try again with a lower price. Price is $7500 $7300 shipped. This is now BELOW GPA. I will send it via FedEx fully insured (which is considerably expensive, roughly $300+ depending on location. This is reflected in the selling price) I am in Canada and willing to deal in Canadian dollars with fellow Canucks (whom I prefer to sell to). I will accept Paypal but could be convinced to lower the price by 3.7% if paying directly via electronic funds transfer which I prefer. There are no returns on this baby provided I send you the correct book (which I will obviously). Buyer is responsible for all customs fees associated with receiving this book. Please do your research!! I'm willing to consider REASONABLE offers. I'm quite firm on the price, but if you're Canadian we could cut a better deal as shipping is cheaper here in Canada. I've sold expensive books on here before and can be trusted. Here's the link to my Kudos thread First in the threads trumps all negotiations. I reserve the right to refuse sale to any one who looks at me funny or generally upsets me in any way. Feel free to PM me and thanks for looking!!
  14. Thanks for the interest folks but this i now closed. Basement renos will have to wait! I may try again another time.
  15. Final Bump All. Thanks for the offers, but if this doesn't sell after this bump, I'll just keep my lovely book!