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  1. I definitely agree with you about the cover. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I feel like slabbing has made the cover of a book more valuable than the contents in many cases (this book is a prime example). I remember Bob on the talkingcomics podcast would always refer to slabs as comic book coffins. He was very anti slabbing. Mainly because his view (which I share in many ways) was that a comic book isn't meant to be closed forever. They're meant to be read. The stories are what make the comic book great not just the cover. I daresay many speculators (not all of course) have no ide
  2. I hear a lot about covid prices but I don't really understand it. In Canada anyways, the financial trend seems to be that people are spending less and saving more as the lockdowns here forced many out of work for several months and the employment insurance offered by the government didn't cover most people's lost salaries. I don't know how it worked out in the states but a lot of people have just lost their jobs here.
  3. I was watching that auction closely as well as it is the same grade I have. I'm mostly saddened by the ridiculous increases. Makes most keys out of reach for me now. I'm just glad I got this back in 2013. Posted it many years ago but thought it appropriate given recent events.
  4. Should the opportunity present itself again I would certainly consider it . Hard to come by though....
  5. Not an ST110 (I posted mine a while back) but thought you guys might be interested in this. I got it just after the movie came out. Signed by the cast.
  6. For sale is a great lot of raw Moon Knight books including some of his major keys. Grades range from 6.0 up to 8.0 but many I think could press higher if you had that inclination. I've included a picture of the lot and closeups of the more key books. I can provide more closeups upon request. Asking Price is $1100 USD shipped to the USA and CANADA Paypal only please. I am in Canada so my fellow Canadians can get these books without having to deal with those pesky customs! No probies. No returns so ask for more pictures of specific issues if necessary. First
  7. That business plan must be working for them as they are still around charging their exorbitant prices. Which of those was a ComicMylars buy? The 5.0 or the 6.5?
  8. This book is heating up again. a 6.5 just sold for $6500???
  9. I bought an ASM#1 and need some more funds to pay for it. So for sale today we will start with a copy of Black Knight #2 CGC 3.0 OW/W pages. Price is $280 USD shipped to Canada and US. This is right on the last GPA sale with shipping calculated at around $40. It's a nice looking 3.0 IMO I'm in Canada though and prefer to ship to a fellow Canadian! Save the taxes! No returns. No probies. First trumps any backyard negotiations. Check out my kudos thread Trevor's Kudos - Kudos Forum - CGC Comic Book Collectors Chat Boards ( I reserve the ri
  10. Yes indeed! she's been taking lessons over skype from a lady in Japan for a couple of years now. It was a very worthwhile investment.