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  1. I like the way you think! The western ghost rider could be particularly interesting.... I would also love to see Black Knight in Medieval times rather than Dane Whitman
  2. I absolutely love this book. Great story, great art. Would absolutely loooove to see Fin Fang Foom on the big screen! One can dream right?? With the cosmic direction that they seem to have embraced perhapsa big talking alien dragon won't be out of the question? My submission to the club I
  3. Yeah that price is ridiculous. If it was reasonable I'd probably pick it up. Maybe they'll take an offer....? Thanks for your expertise! Appreciate it!
  4. So would there be an actual atlas pence printing that would have been released in the UK previous to this L Miller one?
  5. Take a look at this book|parentrq%3A318f45c116a0aad9a217ee73ffe9b970|iid%3A1 I'm not familiar with atlas UK editions but this one looks very different from the US version. Black and white interior, different back cover, etc. My experience with Marvel UK is they're pretty much exactly the same but pence instead of cents on the cover. Anybody with knowledge about this out there?
  6. Why have one beat up copy when you can have two beat up copies!! This arrived for me today
  7. Tell you what, I'll give you my first born child, and my copy of FF#5 for the lot. Deal?
  8. Totally agree. The detail is astounding. I especially love the work on the shield on #5. The way its battered and beat up is wonderful. He could have just drawn a normal shield but nope. Maneely was one of the greats. Do you own these ones as well???!!!
  9. Yeah I wasn't sure whether to put this thread in Golden or Silver Age, but I kind of consider it silver age myself.
  10. I've never paid double duty but they do charge too much. There is no duty on books entering Canada. You do however need to pay 5% GST. They are charging both duty and Tax in the GSP which I've complained about to Ebay before. I can't remember their actual response but it was some political nonsense that didn't even address my concern. But if its a book a really want, I'll still pull the trigger. It's not a big deal shipping to Canada from the States. Sellers just need to put the actual value paid on the package and customs never puts up a fuss. It's when you try to beat the system that things go sour. I wish more people would ship to Canada!!
  11. If you ever want to sell it (not that you should), let me know!
  12. Yeah its pretty bad, but I thought just in case.... I wasn't sure how low you were willing to stoop
  13. There's a beat up copy on ebay...|parentrq%3A0db80a5216a0ac3d1872bc7dfff5be8f|iid%3A1
  14. I'm of the opinion that the key would be the first appearance of Dane Whitman. Much in the same way that the first appearance of Carol Danvers in MSH 13 is considered to be the key rather than her first appearance as Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel. #48 is his first appearance as the Black Knight, but the Black Knight as a legacy character goes back much much farther (1955). Although those who don't read the books might just want the cover of #48. These are just my opinions though