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  1. Dag dab it! I just missed this one. Congrats! That is a beautifully centered book at a great price for a white paged 9.8
  2. Very cool books! Not 1 but 2 high grade 1st Green Hulk copies...Nuff Said!!
  3. Take ASM 19 CGC 6.0 White via PM
  4. Thank you for looking at this thread! I have bought and sold some big issues here. Please check my references on my KUDOS PAGE Please feel free to PM me with offers the worst I will say is no thanks.  RULES Take it! Is the winning bid and overrides PM, PM me with offers No PROBies or HOSies PAYMENT  PayPal preferred, I will message you the info, checks or money order is fine to but will take longer to process. SHIPPING Raw books I can ship First Class for $6 on 1 comic book or USPS Flat Rate $8 for up to 4 comic books. Magazines are $12 CGC books $18 shipped I insure all packages Books will be shipped with strong cardboard, bubble wrap and TLC. RETURNS  NO but I'm willing to working with you if damaged during shipping.
  5. Very nice pick up! I was going to take it. Congrats 🎉