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  1. This may be the only one I have or at least graded so far.....I think this is what you mean, it IS A 1980 issue though....
  2. This one coincidently was a gift to myself from the money relatives and friends gave me for graduating college. It was my first cgc book I ever bought and the first SS'd I ever bought.... As a result, i way over paid!
  3. Just looking through my registry and noticed this 2...
  4. In this case, immediately indeed meant immediately and unfortunately the seller took 5 minutes to accept offer. Now it's 5 minutes after immediately so buyer can no longer pay. That sounds about right! You think that he would have retracted the offer if he found something else to spend money on.... Granted you can only do that once or twice, but eBay lists reasons you can give otherwise if the offer is accepted then ... he was obligated to pay It's a shame people don't regard sellers higher than they do.....
  5. I'm all out of likes but Next Time Hit that thang!