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  1. Was thinking the same thing myself. @ADAMANTIUM we summon thee! Lol I appreciate the sentiments gentlemen ha! I'm still around, but have been so broke after a spending binge that I've had to find other things to keep me occupied so that I don't spend any more cash ha!
  2. Trying to rationalize why people pay what they do for comics will drive you crazy. in regards to prices for new comics, this is common. Every couple months there is a book look this. I've had people tell me that it was a great read and that they were going to pick up the previous 4 issues without ruining, something about "Harold!" @Crops068
  3. @Corona smith I initially typed the same thing @Get Marwood & I did but he had pictures And like you Corona, I got mixed up in all the jargon, marwood does a good job because he can illustrate! If indeed 35 and 30 cent "price variants" all had a "newsstand distribution" because barcodes like that were all with barcodes and no direct version, then the major difference is the price. Hence price variant If like marwood was saying there were other variations to a book back then but there were too many differences then the price is the main variation hence price variant as well The newsstand editions like you corona get to me only when I'm referring to them because I'm in copper which was my mistake as "newsstand edition" may have a different connotation. Hence why I tried to quickly clarify when luckily @Lazyboy pointed out my loose speech Newsstand editions in modern are still not necessarily"price variants" because it's not apples and apples as it was before a direct edition. Direct and newsstand are two different distributions. Meaning that both had different costs, hence the sometimes upcharge or downcharge in price when distributed. So it's not the "price that changed so much" as it is the distribution, so the singularity is the "newsstand edition" can be called such for any reason: price paper or the other "trivial" stuff because it was made specifically for the newsstand distribution What is a price variant is when there is a variation in price among it's own distribution used for newsstands. That's why it's called a "$2.49 newsstand price variant" rather than a $2.49 price variant. Cgc labels the distribution and the price as the variant.... Where I may have caught you off guard is when I was asking my question about the newsstand editions being only sought by hardcore collectors, specifically when there is a newsstand edition that is a newsstand because of price, not a newsstand because it's a variant of price among the newsstands..... Still that last sentence isn't clear, but I knew what I was trying to convey Basically a "newsstand edition", not because of paper or trivial things, but specifically because of price versus direct, because those are easier for me to find in the wild by a quick search I still probably got some of this wrong ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ and my apologies for the whole blasted conundrum, I take full responsibility
  4. I stayed awake all night listening to music A little rhcp - sir psycho sexy And believe it or not a lady gaga album, which I believe was her first, her early stuff is not nearly as trippy as some of her videos portray.... Topped it off with Ramones and some others, but to be fair, it was what was already on the CD player from years ago haha just couldn't sleep
  5. It kind of holds up too, and thanks for the family guy vids, I haven't watched that in forever. I bought seasons and had watched them adnaseum So I knew the references ha!
  6. I awoke several hours later in a daze!!! Brilliant
  7. It's the articles. If someone gave me one to read I would, some appear collectible to me, as they often can get 9.9 or 10. But in a slab they look like preserved art that is too obvious. Odd that we can think that about art today, but golden age gga is