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  1. Go ahead and post yours, I just remembered I had one is all, been a minute since I bought it....
  2. well I bought 2 copies of the non-homage, one label says variant and the other doesn't, even thought they're the same cover etc. guess I'll have to call cgc to report the mechanical error anyway, so I guess I'll ask there
  3. I dont understand either.🤔 what remark, all I see is a signature and a sketch. it's supposed to be spelled "remarque"
  4. Just how old ARE you . . . I agree cause that's what I would have thought, but a comedy more from the 70's I thought, like Benny Hill or what not
  5. It's kind of like cerebus #1 in bronze, a hot book too, but there are fakes of it unless the creator looks at it and signs it as an "authentic cerebus 1"..... So those two books I know are like that and not sure if there are more
  6. I think originally cgc wouldn't encapsulate gobble gook Because the books were too easily faked or copied
  7. ooh ooh now that I've had some coffee! Nubis meant that Eastman did the authenticating of the GOBBLEGOOK books, to determine they were real If Eastman didn't authenticate the books cgc wouldn't grade those certain gobblegook books, also Eastman says they're real gobblegook books by signing them... whew I had just got some coffee for the first time this morning Anyway I hope that helps
  8. No they're not, why? Ah I see where you're quoting from, cgc still calls the witnessed sig the authentication process, that person's gobble gook was a witnessed signature and he just happened to call it "authenticatimg' Just perhaps a poor choice of words on his part, but I see how that can be confusing
  9. Anyone know which is the variant for noble causes family secrets 3? Census has the homage as the reg cover, but has invincible on the cover, the non homage is listed as the variant..... is that right? Every other place has the info as the opposite and I'm wondering why that is....