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    comics, guitar, harley quinn with a hammer, green/hob goblins with grenades, punisher sniping, HULK leaping in a single bound, oh and pizza
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    Dallas, TX

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    Comico Primer Club.

    That is definitely still an impressive grade though, for an all black cover hey, CONGRATS!! I keep expecting to find one in the wild.

    Statue Collections

    I never realized just how big Chun Li's feet were haha.....

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Do you know if the donation or prize list will all be updated to one post, say hollyjollyone post, to make it easy to pick from? I did the March madness grading contest, so I'm a little familiar with the nerves haha and deciding! It's exciting!

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Basically I'm new this year to this and that is how I understand it....... Donate a prize, all our names go into a bag for raffle, are picked to determine order of right to pick 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. If someone claims the prize we donated, we ship to that person. Be sure to designate if it is U.S. shipping only too or other

    Statue Collections

    new this week... #49 of 150....from sideshow..... took advantage of double rewards sorry for the blurry pics, was kind of in a rush....

    This week in your collection?

    Did it keep the same grade?
  7. Congrats to the winmers... @kav It's been fun! I hope to be funnier next year....
  8. It's the final countdown....
  9. What you need to understand about free and open communication is I get to say what I want, no one else does!!! Here is egg on my face
  10. You cant delete!!!!! That would not be 'free and open communication"!!!!
  11. Thank you -Champion of 'free and open communication'. I talk about Texas all the time, or we all do.... I'd delete if you hadn't quoted me
  12. Thank you -Champion of 'free and open communication'.
  13. um TRIGGERED Texas as tex does