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  1. My moms name is Cathy, She also married an Italian named James, man this guy you speak of was so close
  2. Ya Lord willing I don't have anything to worry about. I'll just be glad to have it back. And I really do dig the batwoman beyond, I have three copies of #37 myself, along with one to keep with two extra copies I sold to friends of #25. I still have a slab that was mislabeled and the cert and registry didn't add up either. I was able to get the cert and registry fixed without sending in the slab. I may send the slab eventually but it only puts the title in plural instead of singular It was Thor:ages of thunder Label says Thor: age's of thunders Lol
  3. Dang ya, I have some books that were already ss'd by herb trimpe and Len wein, I sent them in for Roy thomas; and if I dont get the witnessed sigs I'm going to be if they dont keep old sigs witnessed
  4. Those are nice! The top one says signed and sketched "on" instead of "by" Small potatoes just didnt know if you had noticed..... That batwoman beyond is sweet though
  5. How did they get the vehicle on top of the observation deck is what I'd like to know?
  6. no issue here if you select the show(s) from the Private Signings drop down it will let you proceed and will no longer be greyed out +1 I didn't check the duo option but it looked available too, I did try just Claremont for a friend who will send in a week, it's still functionable
  7. True that! I'm super thankful to the sellers giving me some time to hash it out..... still usually ebay bucks offered a day later doesn't recalculate for me so I can't complain about 5% instead of 8% really
  8. I won some auctions and BIN yesterday but waited till today to pay, at the ok of the sellers, and it did the math for me; once in a blue moon it works!
  9. Dang and I thought my 5% to 8% was an ordeal today
  10. there are less than 250 in 9.2 or higher, but 108 alone in 9.0, 8.5 has the most graded copies Still I have like a 6.0 National Diamond Insert #97 and a 7.5 #98, so this 8.5 #96 fits into my collecting habits......... I'm happy I think
  11. There is an ebay bucks "EARNER" today for cash back on purchases...... couple of things I noticed the pop up and it said 5% and it worked, I'll receive 5% cash back but The email they sent out was for 8% so I tried to activate it, and it still is only calculating 5% I guess that I can't be picky, but I type this in case y'all are in a similar, look to activate the 8% first..... My total before shipping and taxes was $359, which gave me $17.60 ebay bucks, which again is only 5% I think so anyway at least there is something, expires 1/27/2021 The total w
  12. You bought it raw off ebay and slabbed it? if so, grats! nicely done No I bought it already graded. I see how I made it sound, but it was more the pics weren't great so I took a swing Seller didn't have a scanner built for slabs so the pics were half and half on his scanner, if that makes sense. I've bought blurry pics before that didn't turn out so great But it said 9.8 so it turned out ok, this time.
  13. Ya that was it @F For Fake @divad turns out the wires were saved with out incident Maybe just grinded some gears!