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  1. Ah well then you've been there before, cool! And again awesome book!
  2. @Lifesuggs I'm assuming you're the one that subbed It? Brittany McManus is pretty cool about these things, especially when it's your own personal sub, send a copy of your email with her when you send it That helps remind why it's addressed to her
  3. send an email with pics from the net how it should look, I think brittany will be accommodating in fixing it free and refunding shipping Edit but awesome book! I have an 8.5 as well!
  4. Thanks Ryan, hopefully others will copy you. I wouldn't hesitate with you anyway as we have done big box deals in the past When I make a listing here, I usually say shipping is included in price, and if an international sale, I'll put $15 toward the cost if posting Hopefully that suffices, because I've yet to have an international sale and unaware of the costs, I do believe that I've been quoted that Canada is about $25......
  5. I remember books that looked "iffy", but in reality I didn't know if they needed to be reholdered...... More to me I've got back books that are all the way to the right inside the slab, if that makes sense, like there is more clear plastic on the left than the right side. It sat in the holder ok so I didn't worry about it, but it did make me
  6. That was weird I tried to copy and past the article and it tripped some board security that I couldn't post it. This post is just to inform and test to see if I can still post. Weird
  7. Then there was this from bleeding cool, that Jim Lee is now in charge at DC I dont do speculation But its everywhere
  8. It'll all belong to Disney soon enough Did Mickey ever have pouches?
  9. Why it protects his BLOCKHEAD of course! (Sorry couldn't help it)
  10. Looks like Dallas Texas is 45-50... I takes my chances idk
  11. Yours went to sfg though on the 13th, mine the 18th, possibly mine could be done in the difference so 5 more days? Lol I can hope
  12. Why would anyone listen to a POS like Ethan Van Sciver? It's a rabbit hole indeed!
  13. That does look good, nice and serious fighting they've come to grips with each other!