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  1. It just keeps getting depressing ha. With it at QC, I figured it'd move right out the door, but the estimated TAT for value slow-track is now at 102 business days wha wha whahahaha
  2. well that's upsetting ..... @Ryan. isn't the only one then, has anyone called yet? I'm wondering about mine now I'll be sure to update if it ships
  3. it should be ok it doesn't start until this friday
  4. Did yours ever get finalized and shipped?
  5. i thought that was your sub, what did they say when you called? a lot of value tiers have shipped since yours went to qc... that is what i'm trying to say.... @Ryan. your really hard to tag i'll tag you though if and when mime ships...
  6. Shipping to Australia can't be cheap... that happened, I wish that I could have warned you...
  7. mine's been at grading qc since last thursday, i called and cgc said it should be shipped tomorrow or the day after anyway, you probably weren't referring to me
  8. my 5/09 books haven't gone to finalized shipped yet, so I wouldn't "think" so on 5/20