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  1. Discuss. I'll bite.... Slowing down from what to what? I agree by the way compared to my last comic con... But it feels like we were all going 150 in a 100 mile an hour zone... the last con definitely seemed as though it slacked off, but where is normal? Did it pick up long enough for that to be the norm, or are we seeing a "slowdown" to something beyond repair My guess is were still a little above the norm, but it does "seem" sluggish
  2. pics? so it is still yellow label? sorry for that, i guess mistakes happen but what a zinger!
  3. I thought you was continuing the sar carzm theme Mark mingled with sincerity, always mingle and always sincerity! One Hand Clap doh !
  4. It's the sound of someone who joined before you, congratulating you on becoming a seasoned veteran before themselves!
  5. "Hulk likes Adam and his Antium. Adam and his Antium have been kind to Hulk. Respond to his posts. But if Adam and his Antium should fail to notice the 10K post count generated by Hulk, and then fail to acknowledge Hulk's new Seasoned Veteran status, then Hulk will SMASH!"  For the bell's about to ROCK, we SALUTE you!!! For all caps get to 20,000-40,000 posts and we'll give you a signed post it note! - Best Wishes
  6. Have you got him in a headlock or is he a dwarf man? Oh you wouldn't want him to stand up, you wouldn't like it when he stands up~ Hulk Smash!
  7. No Worries, CGC seemed to imply that it was a "shipping issue", but that seemed unlikely at the time. They put a rush on grading it, I think, other than that they didn't do much. It seemed the "pressor" that I used was more willing to compensate, due to him having pressed the books and shipped to CGC and were in his "possession" when they "went missing".... Mine weren't the only books lost at that time in the shipping box.... I hesitate to give you the link to this thread, but this is someone else whose "books were misplaced"..... they seem to fret sooner than me or you, but it did work out, if you can get through all the boardies being less than empathetic..... this thread might disturb more than console.... but the point of the thread is that his books were eventually found and everything was ok, to my knowledge
  8. just curious but who were the other 3 you mentioned? for him to be happy? campbell, hughes, and dell otto?
  9. Joe, i haven't said that it was your fault, beacuse it wasn't.... i dropped off books at a con for the first time this year and i did not receive a receipt nor took photo's.... mine were entered into the system the following week though... you asked where you could find a receipt, i simply told you where to find it, in your email. I'm more than sure that cgc has your books and will find them to process. You don't really need the receipt for that to happen, books have been "not found" recently as a month ago.... it happened to me with an incredible hulk 181 signed by stan lee at the end of last year.... when i submitted for pressing.... so people know what your going through
  10. I got it and of course paid for an item last night I just don't like not paying seller's immediately unless it was previously "ok'd" before auction end or deal.... Anyway it's already shipped, and I would have only got about $8 anyway in ebay bucks....