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  1. Silver age comics that are heating up

    My friend sold the comic, he didn't buy it. He basically didn't really want to sell it, so he put it up with a crazy buy-it-now price that he thought nobody would pay, and then it sold. He was shocked.
  2. Silver age comics that are heating up

    The FF#52 CGC 9.0 that sold for $7,600 wasn't a fake sale. I am friends with the person who sold the comic. It's completely legit, but definitely crazy!
  3. speedcake's feedback thread

    Good seller. Buy with confidence.
  4. opinions of x men 56

    9.4 I would get it pressed
  5. Ebay 20% off

    Yes sir, I saw that after I replied to you. GPA also mis-reports when a seller clicks the button for "send offer" via an email reply. So, if the item is for sale for $1000, and the seller does "send offer" via email for $600, GPA will report it as a $1000 sale.
  6. Ebay 20% off

    Turns out you are incorrect. During this sale, I bought an X-Men #10 CGC 8.0 that was listed for a buy it now of $350 (-20% off, for an end price of $280). Here it is listed on GPA as a $350 sale: 2018 (1) $350Hi Mar-09-2018 $350 Cert# 1396878002
  7. Ebay 20% off

    During this 20% coupon offer I ended up selling 8 eBay listings for around $600 total, which I then turned around and used to buy an X-Men #10 CGC 8.0 white pages ($350) and an Incredible Hulk #182 raw 8.0 ($100) at 20% off, both from the same seller. I'm pleased with the results.
  8. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Keep in mind with these new "lenticular" covers, there is a decent chance that they won't survive the aging process very long. I have some old "lenticular" trading cards from the early 1990's, and they are pretty much ruined now. The soft rubber/plastic/whatever on the surface, used to create the 3D effect, degrades over time. The cards now feel kind of greasy to the touch and the pictures/colors have severely degraded. Now, I don't know if the technology/materials have improved over the years, but I sure wouldn't invest much money into these types of covers.
  9. March Marvel Fiesta

    I have a Fantastic Four #112 with a similar sized chip in the same spot. It was graded CGC 8.0. I agree that it likely happened during printing, especially considering it's located in the same general area that you normally see the machine "roller" marks/indentations.
  10. Closed

    Fantastic Four 49 7.5
  11. Closed

    New X-Men #31 NM X-Men Legacy #262 - NM- at 50% off