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  1. Dungeons and Dragon's 3.5 Player's Handbook (third printing); $15 $7Dungeons and Dragons DM's Guide (1st printing); $5 $2Dungeons and Dragon's Monster Manual (1st printing); $5 $2Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual III (1st printing); $5 $2Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual II (1st printing); $5 $2
  2. Not missing anything. Just one of the strangest sales prices I have ever seen on GPA.
  3. Here's a very strange outlier from a Heritage sale for X-Men #35 CGC 9.0, only five times the going rate: 2019 (5) $2,160Hi $450Lo Aug-13-2019 $450 Cert# 2024886017 May-04-2019 $459 Cert# 1295203017 Apr-21-2019 $2,160 Cert# 1968721003 Mar-06-2019 $464 Cert# 1295203017 Jan-17-2019 $455 Cert# 0170238013
  4. I kind of like the show, but they shouldn't have gone with the whole no gravity in space thing because they do a really, really bad job of trying to pretend they are in a weightless environment much of the time. They should have just added some artificial gravity for their space ships. Then they wouldn't have to fake like they are weightless all the time, while only getting it maybe 60-70% right. If you watch every scene closely, you can constantly see little things affected by gravity that shouldn't be since they are in space.