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  1. No I just think you are taking offense to MAJOR Keys... I completely understand and get where your coming from...I'm in no way trying to say any of these comics are Major Keys... But Most of the comics I listed havent just Increased in Value and become hot for NO REASON.... The reason they have become hot is because Specific Events happen in The comics that are of Significance that Make them KEYS... again, Avengers #9 Isnt even 1/10th the Key something like ASM 300 is...Theres a huge difference there that I'm in no way denying... But Avengers #9 is ONLY HOT and Value because it now feature a Key Moment or Significant Event....The cover alone is Now Significant and It now features An Event that Is going to be forever tied to The Eventual HIGHEST grossing film of all time that just broke almost ever major box office record.... In The future Oversteet Guide's, that book will now be "Noted" for "Stark Wielding the Infinity/Nano Gauntlet" again SMALL Key...but more than HOT....Its hot because its now forever linked to Endgame...Its Hot because Key Events happen in The Book. Basically though I do completely understand where you and others are coming from... In fact for me this could easily be an "Opinion" based scenario where theres no wrong answer...I completely understand why you or anyone else wouldnt consider them Keys and would just consider them Hot....But I also think you should at least understand why I and Others call them Keys or Small/Minor Keys...
  2. I think you may be confusing The Level at which I'm calling a Comic a key... I'm in no way trying to say a comic like Avengers #9(v. 4) is a HUGE Key... But The facts are indisputable that book is now going to be a desirable copy from now, People are actively LOOKING for it and trying to buy it to add it to their collection of KEYS. You may not consider it a major Key, I dont either... But Its now A Key/desirable comic and Its Increased in Value drastically as a direct result of the movie Endgame, Avengers Endgame Literally just broke every box office record there is almost....Its got a very good chance of becoming the ALL TIME highest grossing film, The film is universally loved and Praised....The Point is, Avengers Endgame is going to be an ICONIC movie decades for now...Its not just another Comic books movie or movie.... Avengers #9 has now become intertwined with that movie now and forever... I also feel like were arguing over the wrong thing, because I do completely understand what you mean by "you dont consider them keys"...I get that the books I Mentioned above are nowhere near The KEY Issues like ASM 300 or Major Keys...I consider them Small Keys Because They have increased in Value and are comics that feature Specific Events that have made them desirable...If you want to just considered them "Hot" or "Increased in Value" thats fine... what I was really responding to was your statement that " "Movies do not determine "key" comics" I truly just see no way you could come to that conclusion and was hoping you could explain it to me.... again I could name DOZENS of comics that have become very desirable comics and drastically increased in Value SOLELY because of Movies... Maybe I'm misunderstanding what your saying.. are you denying that Movies have NOT resulted in Many Comics becoming drastically more Desirable and Valuable .. Or are you simply just saying that DOESNT make them keys... again I disagree, but I could at least understand where you coming from If your simply saying these comics may have become HOT from movies and Increased in Value but that doesnt make them KEYS... But I truly dont no where to go if your trying to say Movies havent caused certain/specific comics to increase in Value and become extremely desirable that many people buy to ADD to their KEYS
  3. SPOILERS************************************************* In Avengers Endgame The movie ends With IM Wielding The Infinity Gauntlet or Nano Gauntlet. Avengers 9 to 12 has now become KEYS and Increased in value Incredibly. I guess your more than within your right to call Valuable comics whatever you want... but it seems the entire World is now referring to These Issues as KEYS.... from now until The end of time, These books are going to be More valuable Than They originally were because Of The MOVIE Avengers Endgame Where Tony Stark Wields The Infinity/Nano Gauntlet to Defeat and Beat Thanos and His army... that Is Clearly A movie directly impacted a comic and Increasing Its Value and Desirability I'm not sure what you mean by Movies dont determine Key comics... Thor 339 is another example...Its Increased in value and became A KEY comic that people are Looking for as a direct result of Thor's character Ark in Infinity War where he gets Stormbreaker. Iron Man 219 is another perfect example of a Movie directly influencing a comic and causing it to increase in value and become much more desirable or A Small KEY...Once it became known Ghost was going to be in AM2, The Book instantly increased in value Shuri's Popularity in Black Panther has Caused Her comics to become Keys Issues and really increase in Valuable There are literally maybe DOZENS of examples of Movies directly causing Comics to increase in Value and become Keys/more desirable ... I'm not trying to be mean or anything, Just kinda stunned by your statement of "Movies do not determine "key" comics" could you try to explain to me better why you think that so I can try to at least understand where your coming from ?.
  4. Hey I;m not exactly sure how to ask this so I'm just gonna try my best.... over the last 2 Months, I've been going through My comics I bought weekly from 2007 to 2012. my collection is 95% Silver Age and Bronze... Until 2 momths ago the thought never occurred to me to go through My Modern comics I bought during that time to see if any had become popular or valuable. but 2 months ago I saw on facebook and post where someone was selling Ultimate Fallout #4 for $100....I was kinda stunned, as I couldnt believe a new book was going that high...once I clicked on it, I relearned that it was the 1st Miles Morales....I remember Buying this and reading it the week it came out(I loved The Ultimate Line...I bought all the Ultimate comics)... obviously This made me immediately go in and Find my Ultimate Fall Out set and Pull it and had it to my keys.... but this also made me for the first time start thinking maybe I had other comics from this time that are now KEYS... I've found about 70 comics from this time that are now KEYS. Examples being... The Old Man Logan run 18 comics from Amazing Spider-Man from 601 to 673 including the Anti-Venom run. The Black Panther Run where Shuri becomes BP and Other Keys like. Avengers 9,10,11 and 12(Stark Wielding IG) Invincible Iron Man #10,11 and 12(1st rescue) Cable #21(1st Hope Summers) X-Men 450 and 451(Early X-23) X-23 1 to 15(2010 run) New Avengers #11 and 27 Hulk #1,14,15 and 16(1st Red Hulk and Red She Hulk) Civil War 1-7 Blackest Night #7(1st White Lantern) Fear Itself #7(Cap Wields Hammer) Basically what I'm asking is, do any of you know a list that has all the Modern comics that have Now Become Keys... Nearly all the books that have become Keys during this time are due to recent MCU and other comic book movies... I was just hoping maybe there was a definitive list or if not maybe this could be a thread where People could just post/add Modern comics that have become KEYS... If anyone knows a list...or if anyone can think of any other Modern Keys from 2007 to 2012 that arent Mentioned, I would really appreciate you posting them... PS...Walking Dead Keys are Not needed, I unfortunately did not collect that series.... thanks so much
  5. Found some additional Modern KEYS ... Had no Clue any of these were KEYS until the last 2 weeks... So Many Of These have become KEYS in the last few years due to MOVIES coming out. So Glad I bought comics every week from 2007 to 2012....I've pulled almost 90 Issues in The Last Month that are Now keys...
  6. Spectacular Spider-Man #51,52,53,54,55,57 + #59 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Spectacular Spider-Man #87,94,95,96,97,98 and 99 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Spectacular Spider-Man #16 and #18 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X-Force #1,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12,13 and #14 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ X-Force #20,22,23,24,26,27 and #30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Early Silver Age Of Lot 10 and 12 Cent Issues ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beware The Creeper #4 and #5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Action Comics #326 and #331 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Superboy #141 and #143 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Justice League America #8 to #18(Volume 2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Batgirl #4 and #5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Batman #690,691,692,693,694,695 and #696 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Superman/Batman #4,5,6,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Batman and Robin #1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and #8
  7. been going through some Modern comics I bought from 2007 to 2012, Founds some new keys I forgot about.
  8. I had another good night last night going through a box of Micronaunts,X-Force and Punisher 2099.... Found some small KEYS that I previously overlooked- Dazzler #1 is the Error Issues(Now have 13 copies of the Error issue I've found in the last month) Also Very Happy to have found The Thor 339s...I just Learned last week that it was the first appearance of Stormbreaker...I pulled mine out of my Thor last week, but I only had 1...very excited when I found these 3 additional copies Also pleased to find BOTH X-Force #10 and #11...I was missing them...although I must say I was disappointed with Her Role In DP2, I think had her Role been better and Audiences really LIKED her the book would be a lot HOTTER...
  9. I had a GREAT Week.... I'm mainly a Silver Age Marvel and DC collector.... But from 2007 to 2012, I bought comics Weekly, I bought around 60 titles A month. I never thought to go through the books I bought during this time to see if any had become valuable. Last Week I was on facebook and Saw Ultimate Fallout #4 was listed for over $100...I remembered buying it the day it came out(I was a big fan of The Ultimate Line).. This lead me to start checking to see if any of the other Books I bought from this time became Valuable or KEYS... I found some Very good KEYS that Ive now pulled and added to me collection of KEYS- PS. If anyone else can list any other Issues from the 2007 to 2012 period that have become valuable or Keys, that would be great...I dont think I've found all the Valuable issues from this time yet
  10. can I ask what your plan is with these? what I mean is, Obviously it was an incredible investment to buy 200 of these and hope they would become KEYS... and Now they in fact have... but Is it smart to sell them now...Or would it be smarter too hold on to them longer and hope they become even hotter? do you think NOW is the hottest They are going to be because of the movie Into the Spider-verse and the perfect time to sell them... again obviously your going to make a killing no matter what you do but, is there any chance the book is gonna be even Hotter...and you might want to hold on to them even longer ? thanks
  11. I have a huge collection...Mainly all Silver Age Marvel and DC... Except for a 5 year period from 2007 to 2012 where I was buying Comics Weekly...In this time I bought roughly 60 titles a months. It adds up to about 8 boxes where of comics from those 5 years. last night I was on facebook and saw someone had Ultimate Fallout 1 to 6 for like $200...I was stunned, couldnt figure out why it was so high. I then relearned that Ultimate Fallout 4 is the 1st appearance of Miles Morales .... I couldnt believe I had never thought about this before...I bought this series when it came out..I loved The Ultimate Line of comics... but for some reason I never once thought about having Miles Morales first Appearance until...even when Into the Spiderverse came out... anyways, dug them out last night...They are in Perfect Condition...I was happy to add them to my KEYS
  12. I found a few Keys this week going through some old boxes
  13. Invaders #2,3,4,6,9 and 10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invaders #11,12,13,14,15,16,17 and #19 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invaders #22,23,24,25,26,27,28 and #29 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invaders #30,31,32,34,35,37,38,# 41 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Invaders #2 to #41(13 Issues total) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thor #339,#340,#341,#342,#343,#345-#348 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thor #320,#328 and #336 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thor #305,#307,308,#309, #310 and #312 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conan The Barbarian #41,#43, #45, #47, #48 and #50 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conan The Barbarian #71,72,73,74,76,77,78,79 and 80 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daredevil #150,151,154,155 and 157 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daredevil #139,#140,142,143,144,145+149 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Man-Thing #2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 + Giant Size #3+5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Man-Thing #9,10,11,20,22 + Giant Size #2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dazzler #1 to 10,12,14,20,21,25 and #28 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dazzler #1,4,5,6,7,8 and 9