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  1. Bumb I'm still looking. No walking dead 1s out there. Cash ready!!
  2. Hello I'm looking for a 9.9 walkimg dead 1. Cash ready. Also looking for 9.8's as well.
  3. Price drop to 5700 shipped. Will offer 2-3 month timed payments on this one. PM me with details.
  4. 5.0 eerie 1: 5,800 shipped. Only recent sales data is for a 6.0 that sold on clink for 6800. My 5.0 is unpressed with really rich colors.
  5. I’m finally deciding to let go of my horror grail. Eerie 1 stand alone issue from Avon. CGC considers it the first horror comic book ever produced. Book does not come up all that often with less than 100 on the census and very few pop up in this condition. No Probs or Hosers 1st in threads trumps any ongoing negotiations. Payment via PayPal or check. Please see Kudos page for references. No returns on CGC books. My price includes registered shipping within the USA. If outside please pm me first.
  6. 3.0 Venus 19: 3,125 shipped 90 day gpa is around 3,500. will provide back scans later.
  7. 1st in threads trumps any ongoing negotiations. my price includes shipping within the US no returns on CGC slabs payment via PayPal, Check or MO
  8. 2,150 shipped within the states. really nice presenting 6.0 copy with white pages and signed and sketched on the splash page. A 6.0 sold on here a few months back for 2500 if I’m not mistaken. Only 2,000 copies printed.
  9. 1st in threads trumps any ongoing negotiations. my price included shipping within the USA, if outside pm me first. no returns on slabbed books. Payment Via PayPal, check it MO
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a 9.8 Walking Dead 1 with the black mature label. I Would love a Moore zombie sketch CGC Yellow label (Signed by Kirkman ok too). Will also buy universal 9.8. Looking to pay around current GPA prices. PM if you have anything. Dave