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  1. colossus is awesome!

    SpideyFein Feedback Thread

    Just completed a huge deal with Dan was a part trade part cash deal. Communication is top notch!! The slab was shipped quickly and packed like a pro. He’s an all around great guy and will jump at every opportunity to do deals with him. I only hope he finally lets go of that crappy Albedo 2 and sells it to me thanks again for another great transaction Dave
  2. Great prices and great seller GLWTS
  3. colossus is awesome!

    9.0 Marvel Spotlight 5

    MS5 sold via pm
  4. colossus is awesome!

    9.0 Marvel Spotlight 5

    Super tough book to find in such high grade. Get it now before it becomes out of reach. 2650 shipped (a 9.2 just sold for over 3k 2 days ago)
  5. colossus is awesome!

    9.0 Marvel Spotlight 5

    Hello Everybody! Just one for today. Usual rules apply. 1st in the threads trump any ongoing negotiations. Price includes shipping in USA. If outside please contact me first. No returns on CGC graded books at this time. Paymeny via check, MO or PayPal.
  6. colossus is awesome!

    WTT: my 1.8 AF15 or 3.0 Hulk 1 Sig series for 1/2 cash 1/2 trade

    Yea def. mine is off white to white
  7. colossus is awesome!

    WTT: my 1.8 AF15 or 3.0 Hulk 1 Sig series for 1/2 cash 1/2 trade

    Hey bud no both are off white to white I guess I should have put that in.
  8. Hello Everyone, I’m not actively looking to let go of these two books, but of the right deal comes along I just may. I’m looking for quite a few books but I’m pretty particular. Since these are for my personal collection I’m really only looking for White page copies. So just assume when I state the grades I’m looking for I’m also looking white page copies. Please pm me for details: Amazing Fantasy 15: 1.8 (14k total. 7k cash, 7k trade) Incredible Hulk 1 3.0 signature series (13500 value, 6500 cash, 7k trade) Books I’m looking for: white pg copies I am a Pence collector of you have any of those even better. 9.0-9.6 Giant Size X-Men 1 *I want the most 1.8-3.0 Hulk 1 3.0-5.5 Tales to Astonish 27 4.0-5.5 Avengers 1 5.0-6.0 Avengers 4 5.0-6.5 Strange Tales 110 7.0-9.0 TMNT 1 1st print 7.0-7.5 X-Men 4 and 12 6.0-7.5 FF 48, 49 and 52 9.0-9.4 X-Men 94 2.0-4.0 FF5 4.0-6.0 ASM 2,3,4 5.0-7.0 ASM 9, 13, 14, 15 3.0-5.0 JIM 83 5.0-6.5 JIM85 7.0-7.5 TOS 52, 58 4.0-6.0 sgt furry 1 2.0-3.0 FF1 9.0-9.2 Marvel Spotlight 5 7.0-8.5 Albedo 2 2.0-4.0 ASM 1 haha it’s a lot to start and obviously if you have one the big big books I have up there it’s not quite home be 7 and 7 so obviously that would adjust compared to the book. Obviously a huge long shot that someone had multiple books like this in all white pg but let’s see what happens Dave
  9. 9.0 Hulk 181 White pages. GPA 6125 5900 shipped
  10. colossus is awesome!


    Really nice pickup up. If I saw this earlier I would have jumped at it
  11. Flash 175 CGC 7.5 2nd Superman vs Flash race: 200 shipped
  12. colossus is awesome!

    [CLOSED] 9.0 ASM 300: $315 shipped

    Asm 300 now 315 shipped