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  1. Artgerm says this is the end of his Catwoman run
  2. Hey virgin hunters Artgerms black cat virgin is 1:200 and $299.99
  3. Yummy its some kind of collab with J scott campbell campbell did cover a Black cat #1
  4. Venom hungers RAWER! Web of venom#1 Incentive cover
  5. ok some one bought some stuff off me but doesnt want to post here so he bought 4 copes of catwoman #2 catwoman #4 also bought the AMazing spider-man #12 mexico the superior spider-man #29 la mole now for some other stuff cgc 9.8 identity crisis Turner sketch now $110 CGC SS 9.6 Civil War: Front Line #1 signed by the late Tuner now $90  Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1 J. Scott Campbell now $110 nm/m ill take this somewhere else CGC ss 9.8 heena #1 campbell spot color ultra limited $400
  6. Aspen Splash 2007 swimsuit spectacular #1d $10 nm Image United #1 Jim Lee sketch now $60 nm/m Amazing spider-man #1 Incentive Party Sketch Cover now $30 nm+  Amazing spider-man #1 Incentive Premiere Variant Cover now $30 nm+ Amazing spider-man #1 Incentive Ryan Ottley Virgin Cover now $40 nm+ Amazing Spider-man #23 2015 4th Series virgin cover and Hulk #1 2/7 virgin covers $55 nm+
  7. mmm i got 13 copies of catwoman #4 nm++ $3.60 Wolverine and the X-men #4 venomized now $305 nm+
  8. One more thing to add cuz it was not doing so good CGC ss 9.8 heena #1 campbell spot color ultra limited $300