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  1. Another update today! Status: Grading/ Quality Control !
  2. This helps explain it all. It was confusing with the finished cover where they added a city in the background. They are not on an actual building they are playing at a playground on a jungle gym...
  3. I think i would lean towards no as well. The ending just doesn't seem right with the break in it that I am not used to seeing on his Signature. That said seeing a Signature on the inside was more commonplace in 80-90 as the artists and contributors didn't want to mess up the cover art.
  4. That is a good question Although i do doubt it. A lot of times they state name written on cover, etc . There are instances where they do note the name. For example since Jerry Siegel was gone before they were doing the Signature Series, they usually note "Jerry Siegel" written on cover..
  5. In my defense, I usually see double vision anyway but correction noted and accepted. Although I do blame Wriggly.. Think it was something they used to put in their gum..
  6. We all know that one is priceless!
  7. As others have mentioned there can be a lot of factors and varying opinions that come into play. Definitely Condition and Desirability are two of the biggest. Although when looking at double covers the grade usually reflects the better of the two covers. ( on CGC Slabs) it would be the Lager number and the note the condition of the other cover in smaller print. Outside of those obscure books can also bring good money. With all that said it doesn't hurt to aim higher on the price range others have mentioned , as you never really know who may want it and can always entertain lower offers or reduce if it doesnt sell. Something is only really worth what someone is willing to pay and in the oddball and obscure, it can take a bit to get it in front of that buyer, unless you price it low and it gets snapped up by someone else who is only going to mark it up and willing to wait. Congratulations on finding the double cover and good luck!
  8. Welcome to the boards! Now that you know a recieved date , and know you can't check it directly as it shows under your pressers account. A good place to keep track of where CGC is in the grading line would be here. Go to the last page and you will see where most people post updates. For example a submission I sent in that was received on 8/15 just moved yesterday to Scheduled for Grading. Which in the last couple days several other that submitted about the same time posted the same movement. So when you see people posting on there that their submissions from the same date as your you can comfortably assume yours are more than likely close to the same place in que.
  9. Completely understand. I think we all have done it for the ones we were hunting, especially for so long .