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  1. Just luck. Pretty sure the guy I got them from picked them up as they came out. When I saw them I remember you saying a while back you were looking for that Helspont, but later had found it. When I saw this many in a continous run including that one I had to pick them up.
  2. Yes. I am excited to have found so many in one place. and definitely love the Turners can't wait for the Superman/Batman #4 German printers proof to come back from CGC (although it went to Joey first. I hope he gets it through before the final date before price bump but really do not want it rushed so it may not be back till next year. ) Also congratulations on your TMNT #1 remark it looks awesome!
  3. Funny you guys mentioned these. I just picked these up this week.
  4. A lot of people avoided the later printings of almost everything back then which has led to some with decent prices on them. Like the hand full of second print newsstand books (although these are the least valuable of them) the rest being Batman 457, Superman 50, Spider man 1 gold ups( produced for walmart) Also think things like DC Universe Logo, or the JC Penney books( pressman)
  5. But to try to help with the question at hand. I would think this was all part of the pure glut and over production of the time. Back then so many stores were selling comics and the Big Two were breaking into so many markets. Both DC and Marvel started producing multi packs for Kmarts, Targets, Walmarts, Costcos, Kaybee Toys, Toys'R'us, BAM, Waldenbooks, and so many more. Almost every corner store as well as every big chain. A lot of the packs came in so many forms and they would fill them with anything from character packs, ro runs, to just random over stock. A lot of the packs contain second
  6. The Spectacular Spider-man #189 also had a second print gold hologram. Plus both of those second printings had both direct and newsstand releases.
  7. Looks like you are going to have to take matters into your own hands.
  8. 1. It definitely is personalized. Not only does it have the boys who it was made for on the cover with superman it has superman saying his names on the cover. Daniel! Andrew! 2. They do come up from time to time, but there were not many printed and they fetch a good price so there definitely is interest.