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  1. Very cool piece. Congratulations. Also amazing detective work here by the boards again! Who would have thought two sisters would send in their letters in 1939, only to have a digital image reunion of the surviving envelopes here on the CGC boards in 2021.
  2. I always use oversized multi sheets of foam board. It costs more but definitely is smoother and stronger.
  3. Much better imagery and yeah definitely 80's through and through.
  4. Some ol Cyndi.. For some reason I just got the mental imagery of Joe Dirt claiming to be a , "Rocker through and through ." But the DJ says "come on I think it was probably more like this" which then makes me wonder what song was really playing in your head?
  5. Shipment from Italy . Which was sent October of last year arrived today.
  6. Yes. That is why I had to include the back cover. No clue..
  7. I have been going through some of my boxes so I can better sort my collection. I came across this one, which I do not remember getting. It must have been in a lot of foreign books I bought.
  8. I have been sorting through some of my boxes and collection and came across these. Although they are not full books they are really cool preliminary modern Newsstand Covers!
  9. One of the few earlier compilation books I picked up early on. Read through this one so many times. It was and is well loved.
  10. That is where my first customer copy came from as well. I too felt so lucky. Even more so when the shop owner gave me his retailer copy as well. Which is what lead me to finding a few more of each all with the letters and sending some in for grading. Plus besides the letters the customer copy has a different cover on the first interior issue than the retailer copy. ( Also one of the reasons for me to send several in to show these differences and hopefully get CGC to note or separate them) Plus I kept a blank fill out form .
  11. Yes it is still sealed. I had two and opened the better of the two so I could read through and also check before sending it in for grading. The platinum editions are cool. I sent in one of the Blind Justice, One Customer Copy Raffle Edition MOS , Three Retailer Copy Raffle Edition MOS , and Two Death of Superman Platinum Edition trades. I have almost an entire set signed, by many of the contributors , to the Death of Superman although all this was done prior to CGC, so I keep that set separate and raw as I do not want them green labeled.
  12. I have to use some of my under copies and signed platinum as the others are currently at CGC for grading.