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  1. The most complete list is back on page 63 posted by revat.
  2. Two more Man of Steel #18 sold today. One fifth print CGC 9.8 SS $465.18 and a fourth print CGC 9.8 $268.98.
  3. I would agree and have been watching his sales , feedback, and listings. I too wonder how many he has and as you said where he found them.
  4. Another DC Universe Doomsday sale. This was the Man of Steel 18 fifth print CGC 9.8 sold on eBay at $349.99 plus shipping.
  5. But wait! There's more! Absolutely No Reserve! Free Shipping ! Original Test Art ! Starting price... $1,000,000,000.01 Must See ! RRP ! Retailers! One of a Kind ! Hot ! Sealed in Bag!
  6. Kirk, You are welcome. I am glad I could help . Awesome set 👍.
  7. Just realized you said last year.. ok. I do not know what happened a year ago with it, however 5/2 it sold for a best offer of $800 plus shipping.
  8. Guess who ever won the first with the $800 offer must have flaked as it showed as sold. Then he must have relisted. Which unfortunately has become too common place recently on eBay.
  9. My post right before yours shows a screenshot. It sold via best offer. And when I sorted by sold high to low it fell between $815-$825. By this the best offer would have been roughly $800 + shipping.
  10. Today and new record for these. That book sold with best offer. Filtering by sold highest to lowest it sold about the $800 mark plus shipping.
  11. And just to get back to the original post topic. Don't remember exact dates as bottom shows 1941 npp , but I do remember these were store display signs used in the 1970's for National Periodical Publications.
  12. And just in case anyone wanted to see the double covers.
  13. Here is the other copy for the winners as well as both inside cover variants.
  14. I am glad you brought up this point. I have always wondered if these were just at random of if one was for the winners and the other for the shops so even without the letter you could tell which one you had. Really would have loved a double cover version as this series did have an issue of having double covers.