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  1. Man. Always have some great looking books, but these and that 2nd print Newsstands
  2. So it turns out you were correct. Just needed some heat.
  3. Also I did go back and add some heat. We will see if that gets a reaction.
  4. True. Although I was referring to the Esterification of your comic. But then again some heat and a nice press will probably clean that up nicely
  5. Ok. Well I guess I can still look forward to becoming a bit less irrelevant.
  6. I don't know.. From the immortal words of sometimes you have to know when to fold em. After all , will it really get any better than that response?
  7. I know. I really didn't expect to solicit such a response. Much less a new title. Guess I am just that saxy. But on a more serious note.. You sir are the magnificent one! Keep it up!
  8. That was how I got tossed out of the peanut gallery. I have been irrelevant, but tonight I moved up just a smidge , as I garnered a response from Greggy! Although with your sway I sense that in the morning I will have a custom board title. " AKA irrelevant one" Still Thank you Greggy!