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  1. When I first saw this listed I laughed at the error. Can not believe that it shows as sold... now I wonder what a Rare Key with a true error like double cover would actually bring...
  2. This was sold at Fan Expo both at the Con and on their website.
  3. I completely understand and wasn't under the impression you were. I was just adding some more information here since you posted a question about them. I am always willing to work on price and also interested to see what others say as well. I also agree with this as I was shocked to see some of these prices as you said they can be all over the place on some of these random issues. Only thing I can think is that someone REALLY WANTS some of them in higher grade as some of these in 9.8 can go really insane, Although as you said some of these DOS can be high as they have VERY FEW graded copies and most only have 1 graded and having the black makes them very tough to obtain in high grade or finding a copy worth submission.
  4. That would be me. I have it listed high as it has been a while since any sealed packs have been listed containing these two. I also had the MOS 20 which I just sold for $165 + shipping. The other reason for the high start listings is what I have seen some of these other sealed packs selling for recently. If you are interested in the pack I would be more than happy to sell it for less off of ebay or offer on ebay.
  5. Amazing goal! Will be wicked to have all of those in a collection. I know this one is obscure and borderline within the first 10 years as it falls in 1994 but Super- Homem #116 is one I wanted to send in for this but missed. Would be VERY hard to find one in 9.8 though..
  6. Thank you. Although it is unknown exactly how many were made, currently there have been 14 different variants discovered many of which have only one copy found. Kirk who I believe has most of them has started a thread about them here
  7. Thank you . I thought so as well. I was pleasantly surprised not only to find this one , but as you said it is in pretty good condition.
  8. This was a VERY unexpected find this week hidden in a lot that I bought.
  9. I purchased a lot earlier this week and when it showed up I was amazed to find this gem hidden inside of it.
  10. The Ebay wins that finally showed up this week! Both lots ( different sellers) had some amazing hidden gems. First were these two. the last lot was really unexpected as it had one of only two copies know so far to be found..
  11. However this weeks biggest wins were this one I have been after for a few years now, finally showed up ( wish it was here for the Todd Mcfarlane signature series) and this truly unexpected find.. which I believe only one other copy has been currently found.
  12. Now this lot had two hidden wins in it. Here is what was in it..
  13. Not really sure of the difference, however both of the cgc 9.8 pictures you show say poly bag removed ,even though only one says polybag edition above their barcode...