I Miss Dave (Stevens, that is)
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1 hour ago, RCheli said:

I recently bought a collection that included Melody #5, which had a Dave Stevens pin-up of a woman showing her ta-tas (as my wife loves to call them). Is this the only Stevens work that actually shows nudity? Obviously a lot of other works had a strategic sheet or arm or shadow covering up an otherwise naked woman, but this one had none of those.

(And after typing this, it seems like I'm some sort of pervert... but really! I'm not! I'm quite chaste!)

This one immediately sprang to mind (not my listing):


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On 5/18/2019 at 8:54 PM, chevalmeow said:

Got this set today. I had delayed getting it and it seems to be not as available as I would have thought.



These are some of the least common Stevens books, in my experience. I practically never run across them in the wild. Had to order my set online.

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