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On 10/14/2019 at 10:07 PM, Sauce Dog said:

Once again, found a very odd Golden Age label issue. 

Mystic Comics #5 features the first appearance of several characters, and is currently labeled as: "Origin of Black Marvel., 1st appearance of the Terror., Full page ad for Captain America #1"

It should be expanded to say "1st appearance and origin of Black Marvel, 1st appearance of the Terror, Moon-Man, and the Blazing Skull. Full page ad for Captain America #1" 

While I could understand forgetting to include Moon-Man (seriously, he's a joke and this was his only appearance until briefly being mentioned in the 2011 Marvel series 'All-Winners Squad'), there is zero excuse to forget the legendary Blazing Skull - who would appear in future Mystic Comic issues, as well as be featured in Marvel's modern Invaders team. I feel it is a legit criminal offense to forget to mention ANY golden age skull - be it skull cover, or skull character :D 


I like your suggestion. It would only take a few moments to type in the new information (as long as there's enough room...) 

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