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19 hours ago, ivdyer said:

Always loved this original painting so this cover homage was a must......8D432C73-0951-4899-BF98-87FFB43654D4.thumb.jpeg.7ae31496ddf12714e45afa7252b78268.jpeg

Mayhew is classic with those Coptic markers I think they are! Anyway congrats 

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On 3/6/2021 at 2:12 AM, ivdyer said:

Added another Peach remark.....F5976D45-2E06-41CA-A542-7724F31A722D.thumb.jpeg.aca08a1bc8a62e52d01c3b0e9146172f.jpeg

While cleaning up my eBay account I just realized, I bid on that one too. No worries though, I didn’t drive up the final price. :D

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