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21 hours ago, TheGirlHasNoName said:

If my research is correct, this set would only contain one book. Am I mistaken?

I can't build sets that only have one book in it. Is there anyway that I can group this book with others for you?


How about putting the '44 Timely with the Miss America Magazines (which start at #2, I believe - photo cover of Miss America) and then the others that flip back to comic format (Patsy Walker Starring in Miss America)? 83 issues in total, I think. 

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On ‎1‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 2:42 PM, TheGirlHasNoName said:



This is the thread to request full set additions to the CGC Registry. (Requests for expansions to existing sets can be made in 2017 SET EXPANSION REQUEST)


You can add your request to this thread, please check to make sure that the set does not already exist on the registry (it helps to skim through this thread and make sure another user hasn’t requested it already, too)



*There must be more than one issue/book in the set or graded by CGC to create a set. As a rule, if there is only one issue graded (even if the issue & variant of the same issue are graded) we will not make the set. We prefer that there be evidence of someone collecting the series rather than just having passion for the one issue. You are welcome to display these books in the custom registry sets until you are able to obtain and grade additional issues.


*Any request for a "custom" or specialized set that is competitive will need a list to be provided. The complete list of books should be included in the request post. Competitive "Custom" sets are currently limited to Cover Artist complete sets & Mini-series/One-Shots sets for a character/title. Any others should be created using the non-competitive custom set option now available.

Please note: Custom/Specialized Sets expanding across different titles are very time consuming to build. Please be patient.


When the set has been added, I will respond to your post directly, so you know when the set is available. You will also be able to see whose request was filled last and how many request are left until yours.


If you made a request that has yet to be fulfilled and it is not listed here, please make another post in this thread with a hyperlink to your original post and I will fulfill it first.


If you have any questions, please contact me at: mdavis@cgccomics.com


Happy Collecting!



Can we have the "Weapon X" (2017-?) added?

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Can you add:

Prince Namor The Sub-Mariner Four Issue Limited Series (1984)

Question - it's a one shot but is "Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1" from 4/68 part of a set? If not, can you also add?


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  • Administrator

Hello there, my Collector's Society Posse!

I am going to lock this thread up and start a brand new thread for 2018!

I understand that there are a few outstanding requests that have not been fulfilled yet. The first post in the new thread will be what I have outstanding. If you do not see you request listed in that post, please PM me with a link to the request, so that I can bump you to the front of the line.

All the best in 2018!




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On 11/28/2017 at 11:42 PM, ExodusGear said:

Could Grimm Fairy Tales Van Helsing VS Series be added? Various Variants for each of the sets. Including 10 shot

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Van Helsing

Van Helsing Vs Dracula

Van Helsing Vs The Mummy

Van Helsing Vs The Werewolf

Van Helsing Vs Frankenstein




Hi ExodusGear!

I wasn't sure if you did or didn't want me to compile the "Van Helsing VS" books into one spot. I thought it was a fun set, so it has been added.

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  • Administrator
On 11/22/2017 at 6:45 PM, PeterBruder said:

would it be possible to add a Black Window (2016) w/variants set please

any chance of a huntress (1989)  or (1989 - new 52) added please as I can't see any huntress set other then robin III mini series

can't see anywhere to add mother panic or shade changing girl - is there a set for young animal imprint to cover all young animal titles that I've missed and a set for Scooby apocalypse -  if not would it be possible to add one please maybe a young animal set and a hanna-barbar new or just apocalypse set  please

I'd also like to add green lanterns rebirth (1592266002) dc universe rebirth batwoman 1 (1592267008) rebirth batman dective comics 948 (1592267009) uncanny x-men 266 (1592262003) ive just got back can a place for these be added please


Black Widow (2016) has been added.

Huntress (1989) has been added.

Mother Panic has been added.

Shade, the Changing Girl has been added.

Scooby Apocalypse has been added.

Green Lanterns (Rebirth - 2016) has been added.

Batwoman (Rebirth - 2016) has been added.

Detective Comics 948 is available in Detective Comics (Complete).

Uncanny X-Men 266 is available in:

 X-Men (1963) #1-#300

X-Men (1963) #201-#300

X-Men (1963) (Complete)

X-Men (1963) #144-#300

X-Men (1963) (Complete Including Variants)

 X-Men (1963) #144-#300 Including Variants

 X-Men (1963) #201-#300 Including Variants

X-Men (1963) #1-#300 Including Variants

Marvel Copper Age 1st Appearances


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