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Amazing Spider-Man Silver mid to high grade- More at 3PM EST

I have been putting together some nice mid to high grade Amazing Spider-Man issues between 28-81. I will be posting about 25 issues at 3PM today. I will get it started with one now to keep with the rules. I am tied up until then so will not be able to answer PMs. These are some nice high gloss books mostly in the 7.0 range and I will post all of them today between 3:00-4:00. They will be priced to sell so be ready with the :takeit:

 These books have not been pressed, with the exception of the 50.  Many of them would grade slightly higher with a press. 

Shipping is $7.00 raw in US and $15 Canada, no matter how many you buy. USPS Priority/ first class Canada

Slabs are $15 in US and $30 Canada, no matter how many you buy. USPS Priority/ first class Canada

No returns on slabs. Feel free to return raws (buyer pays return shipping) but make arrangements within 1 week of receiving books.

NO probation list/ HOS buyers.


Here are the books that remain. These are all eligible for 20% OFF!!

Amazing Spider-Man 32- 4.0 (det cf)- $40

Amazing Spider-Man 34- 5.0- $45

Amazing Spider-Man 35- 6.0- $60

Amazing Spider-Man 39- 5.5- $110

Amazing Spider-Man 53- 7.5 to 8.0- Beauty!- $75

Amazing Spider-Man 60- 8.0- $80

Amazing Spider-Man 61- 6.5 (little chip fc)- $50

Amazing Spider-Man 62- 7.0 (slight waviness- no moisture- just bad storage- pressable)- $50

Amazing Spider-Man 66- 8.5 to 9.0- Beauty!- $100

Amazing Spider-Man 67- 6.5 to 7.0- $45

Amazing Spider-Man 69- 6.0- $40 (A press would bring this up)

Amazing Spider-Man 70- 6.5- $50

Amazing Spider-Man 81- 7.5- $60

Amazing Spider-Man 123- 8.5- Book would press to 9.2 easy- $75


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37 minutes ago, CheeseFrog said:

I'll be watching!


:tink:With beer-goggles on!

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22 minutes ago, Ricksneatstuff said:

Tales to Astonish 13- CGC 3.0- $1250

well under recent GPA for a very hot book



Super dooooper hott book.  Mine is glued to me at all times.  Love this classic cover and by far the coolest of the groot is so damn cute....

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