PGM: Batman 251

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PGM: Batman 251

My Batman #251 has definitely seen better days. I remember seeing this cover for the first time when I was thirteen years old and it was brand spanking new on the comic stand. I should have bought two and kept one of them mint! Who knew back then? I have seen a copy on eBay which I equate to mine but that one is in dreadful condition at the top of the spine and the cover is coming away...the seller is asking £79 [$100] which I think he will struggle to achieve.

I'm thinking of lumping this in with the Batman #181 in my earlier thread and seeing what I get offered.
Here she is...

Cover...damaged and a 'pence' stamp on the bat's head of all places.



Cover Damage top right...



Cover damage bottom right...



Back cover some damage in middle, bottom left and right-hand side...



Centre spread, slight damage, staples are good and strong...



Spine not too bad but little nicks in several places...



Again, many thanks for your thoughts.

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Thank you! I was thinking maybe a 2.0 or 2.5, although I am definitely no expert...I was going off what I have seen on eBay. I think I have enough of an idea now as to what to price the comic at. eBay is such a wildly contrasting place, people expect too much but then again, speculate to accumulate, I suppose. I'm glad I found this forum, it is a great help...and I think I might be catching the collecting bug.

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