TMNT #1 First Print!! CGC SS 9.0
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I don't really want to sell this as it is pretty special to me, but I want to be responsible and pay off some debt!  

I have for sale, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, First Print.  It is a CGC SS 9.0 signed and sketch on cover by Kevin Eastman.  It is also signed on the inside cover by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.  I got this signed by Kevin at the Calgary Expo when he was there.  He said at the time, that the signatures inside were likely signed at the Portsmouth Mini-con in 1984 where they were signing and giving these away!

Also included is the custom frame I had made for this book as shown in the pictures below.

This one is hard to price as everyone knows.  The most recent 9.0 sale was back in May at $4500.  A 9.2 sold in April for $5999.  However, some more recent sales in August of lower grades (8.0-8.5 selling in the $4200-4500 range) show that this is no longer a very accurate price.


Thus I have arrived at what I believe to be a fair and good deal for this book.  

Price is $5300 USD shipped to the U.S. and Canada.  

You  may or may not agree with the price, that is up for you to decide.  I am willing to entertain offers, but nothing insulting please!  Feel free to PM me.  

First :takeit: on the threads trumps all background negotiations.  

There will be no returns accepted for this book.

I accept Paypal or Electronic Funds Transfer.  I am willing to deal in Canadian Funds with fellow Canadians and you may be able to squeeze a bit of a deal out of me as it is cheaper to ship within Canada!  

My fellow Canadians....with the Canadian Dollar at a pretty decent rate now, and with many American friends unwilling to ship to Canada, now is your chance to own the most sought after Copper Age Miracle of Miracles at a fair price!!

Here is the link to my Kudos Thread

Here are the pics.  Enjoy!









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182 posts
10 minutes ago, Parabellum said:

I'll take it!  PM sent

SOLD!!  Reply Sent!!

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