Official Prize Thread for the 2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest
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This here is the prize thread for my 2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest!

Feel free to make a donation, or even multiple donations. 

Please understand, you will be responsible for shipping worldwide, unless you state otherwise.

As there are many contestants, I hope to see lots of prizes being thrown up.

I will continue to update the 2nd and 3rd posts in this thread to recap what has been donated.

What can you donate to the prize pool?  Whatever you want, really.  I wouldn't suggest offering up some really crappy stuff though, or things that are worth less than the shipping cost. 

I also would never ask anyone to donate multi-hundred dollar items, but that certainly has happened many times before.  In the end, it's all up to you what you'd like to offer.

Thanks y'all!


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Prize #51:  Small Bronze Age DC Horror lot in VF+ or better - includes Northland copy of House of Mystery #205 CGC 8.5 complete w/ certificate. Shipping on me Canada/US  - donated by Black_Adam


Prize #52: EC Reprints of some famous titles. And these Frazetta reprints - donated by DavidTheDavid



Prize #53: New 52 Futures End Lot 0-48.  All are in NM-/NM (maybe better) condition - donated by aszumilo


Prize #54: X-Men Messiah Complex #1 CGC 9.8 Wizard World Sketch Variant - donated by aszumilo


Prize #55:  X-Men #1 (1991) CGC 9.6 Ships to USA only - donated by topcat54


Prize #56: 1940s THRILLING WONDER PULPS: SHARP LOT OF 4! Here's a quartet of Thrilling Wonder Stories sci-fi pulps, all sporting racy GGA covers by illustrator Earle Bergey. These are 'high grade for pulps', as the saying goes; unusually nice and crisp copies, with light wear and tear but full spines. They display really nicely. US shipping on me! International ship at your cost, though do be aware these weigh somewhat more than comics.
(Note: I will not be able to ship between July 4-July 22 due to some travel and family obligations, but if we miss that window you'll definitely get them afterwards.) - donated by Point Five


Prize #57: A set of Crisis on Infinite Earths 1-12 in high grade. High grade being somewhere between VF and NM if I recall correctly.  - donated by LordRahl


Prize #58: Walking Dead Graphic Novel Lot (#'s 1-24). Free US Shipping  - donated by TheGeneral


Prize #59: Venomverse Sanders Variant, Iron Fist Del Otto Color, Tec 38 Millennium, Hulk 1 Adams Variant, Rai 3, Teen Titans 26, Zombie Tramp V1 TPB, Zomibe Tramp Vol 7... Will ship US free outside US I will honor US postage and you can pay the rest - donated by fastballspecial


Prize #60: Free comic book pressing on 5 books (average pressing cost is $12 to $22).  Free pre-screening by email.  Winner to pay for shipping including return shipping.   Please allow 2-4 weeks.  Bonus 20% off CGC modern grading fee if winner chooses to have books shipped to and graded by CGC.  USA only except if winner decides to have CGC grade books and have CGC ship back to them.  Winner must coordinate with CGC for international shipping rates - donated by spidermanbeyond


Prize #61: Adventures Into Terror #25 CGC 3.0 Free shipping to US only - donated by X_Phile


Prize #62: Six early Heavy Metal magazines including a #1, all in VF+/- ish or better (if that's millie) condition. USA shipping only. Can't ship until after July 9th. - donated by jcjames


Prize #63: Double Life of Private Strong #1 and #2  - donated by FineCollector



Prize #64: Black Cat #47 - donated by FineCollector



Prize #65: DC and Marvel Present: Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk Treasury - donated by Not A Clone


Prize #66:  Batman tpb reading lot (Batman: the long halloween, Batman: a death in the family, Batman: no man's land novel version, Batman Arkham asylum hc) Free Shipping in the US. I'll put $10 towards anywhere else in the world - donated by ss5rmp


Prize #67: Marvel Super Special #4 "The Beatles Story" (a personalized signature, in ink, by George Perez is on the first page. It reads, "To Dennis Best George Perez")

shipped anywhere in the world - donated by DeadOne




Prize #68:  Avengers #142 CGC 9.0 - donated by toro


Prize #69: Amazing Spider-Man #302 & 303, both in 9.6  - donated by Kramerica



Prize #70: The New Shadowhawks #1-5, Beware the Creeper #1-5, X-Files 1/2, and The Twelfth Doctor Who #6 -US only- donated by Bkd Reader


Prize #71: Strange Tales 126 (1st Dormammu and 1st Clea) - Free shipping in the US, $20 anywhere else  - donated by manicnerd


Prize #72: $50 Paypal Friend/Family transfer - donated by manicnerd


Prize #73: Micronauts 1, Batman 304, Justice League of America 69, 118 Strange Adventures 120, and Golden Age of Marvel Comics TPB - donated by WEBHEAD



Prize #74: A nice silver-bronze assortment of MLJ funny books.  Shipped on me anywhere in North AmericazAmerica’s - donated by 427Impaler


Prize #75: Harley Quinn #1, 4th printing.  Will be getting signed by Amanda, Jimmy, and Chad this weekend as well.  Free shipping anywhere in the US - donated by danielortiz


Prize #76: Adventures Into the Unknown #48 Shipping in the US on me. International is ok but shipping is on you past $7   - donated by OdinsSecrets


Prize #77: Crime Suspenstories #25  Shipping in the US on me. International is ok but shipping is on you past $7 - donated by OdinsSecrets


Prize #78: Strange Tales #122, 133  Shipping in the US on me. International is ok but shipping is on you past $7 - donated by OdinsSecrets



Prize #79: low grade SA/DC combo (6 books) Ship to US and Canada. - donated by Ride The Tiger




Prize #80: Transformers lot #6, #56, #47, #8 shipped free anywhere in U.S. anywhere else you pay shipping.

#6, 1st app. Of Josie Beller later becomes Circuit Breaker

#8 1st FULL dinobots (Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, & Swoop), circuit breaker cameo something is up with the color on this book, I think it is lacking the yellow or green...

#56 1st Decepticon Sports car patrol

#47 1st app: Raindance, Grand slam, and the Seacons ( sea wing, overview, nautilator, Tentakil, Skalor, & Snaptrap)

All to be considered fine to VF... - donated by ADAMANTIUM






Prize #81: Lot of 22 Heavy Metal magazines.  Free shipping in the US.  International shipping at cost less $10 - donated by batcollector


Prize #82: Ultimate Fallout #4 CGC 9.6 - donated by Red_Hood








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Just now, thunsicker said:

Ok now that you have your two posts.  I'll throw something up when I get home tonight.  Place saved for that.


(And you can use that second post as a recap.)


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On 6/6/2018 at 11:30 AM, thirdgreenham said:

Prize #1: Vampirella #1 CGC 9.4 UK Edition - shipped anywhere







Damn Andy that U.K. Vampi #1 is like hens teeth in high grade.

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33 minutes ago, oakman29 said:

Damn Andy that U.K. Vampi #1 is like hens teeth in high grade.

she looks like she's about to have major wardrobe malfunction too which ups the wow factor

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19 minutes ago, Every Day A Story said:

PLACEHOLDER for prize 


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