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Amazing Fantasy 15 Cover


Payment made by Paypal or bank wire with references.

USPS Priority included.  Fully insured.  Can work out Express Overnight if preferred.

Unfortunately, no returns on this item, unless it arrives in a condition not matching the scans.  (Scans were taken just before this post was made and before being packed up).

My KUDOS for your convenience

Onto the piece!

This cover came from an original owner.

I am no grading expert, nor a restoration expert.  That being said, I took a LED black-light to the pages, and nothing seemed to illuminate/glow.


I'm here to answer any questions or concerns.

Please PM me with any offers.

First unconditional  :takeit: wins, based on timestamp.









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3 hours ago, Callaway29 said:

Hell even buying a coverless after the fact will probably make sense financially...

Let's see...GPA for No Grade Coverless 12 Mo average is $4,250. There was a 3.0 Married Cover that sold for $10,250 in July of 2017. With the appreciation this book is seeing, and the assumption that the purchaser did a bit better than the $4,500 list price, I would say it's made sense financially.

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4 hours ago, gadzukes said:

:takeit: as per PM

^^ :tink:

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