DITKO SIGNATURE FOR SALE! The Ditko Package 1989

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Welcome to the "Comics Market - Forum Only Selling" board!


The moderators have asked everyone around here to help educate new comers about the posting rules for this forum so that we can keep things running smoothly. So whenever we see a new thread go up that's missing some of the information required by the rules, someone will generally happen along and post this reminder (by moderator request).


You can find the posting guidelines here:




Specifically, you should check out #s 6 and 11


They are well worth reading, because your posts can be removed from the boards if they don't conform to the guidelines. This will help you to attract more buyers as well, since this is how people expect to have books offered around here.


Thanks, and glad to have you here!

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Also note #4,  "It must be an exclusive board-only offer. If the book is offered for sale through another venue (ebay, dealer site, personal web site, etc.) then it should NOT be offered here."




It can't be offered on eBay and here at the same time. 

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