Golden Age DC Adventure/Sandman Plus More
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Hey guys this is my first post on the boards. Im going to be parting with a portion of my collection, all the books will be shipped Fed Ex overnight

the first :takeit:gets the book and is taken over any PMs, I only can accept Paypal. 

Any books that would like to be returned, the buyer must have a valid reason and must pay the return postage.

I ship books to Canada and the USA, if you are outside of Canada or the US please do not claim books.


Adventure Comics 43 (married front and back cover complete 1.5) spine fully split SOLD PER PM


Adventure Comics 55 CGC 4.5 SOLD PER PM


Adventure Comics 60 Sandaman cover, CGC 4.5 (the missing wraps are included so book is complete) $1050



New Yorks World Fair 1, 1st Sandman $1300


Witches Tales 20 Full spine split, 1.5 grade, $125


Exciting Comics 13 Scarce book (2 staples added) book is supple and firm 3.0/3.5 grade $450


Amazing Spiderman 20, First Scorpion, CGC 8.5 $1600



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:rulez: You may want to check out the Guidelines before your thread gets pulled ... they can be found here:


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:takeit: and 43 and 55 per PM

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