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I have a 2x (male/female) 5 day passes but I will only be attending 2 days.  Please read my whole thread.

I am selling the use of 2 tickets for the following days:

1.  Thursday (2 tickets, $280)

2.  Saturday (2 tickets, $280)

3.  Sunday (2 tickets, $250)

OR you can buy the 3 days for $650.00. 

I bought these on the secondary market and am not making any money.  I buy them every year and don't mind paying over face value.....

Since we would be exchanging tickets, I would be asking for a deposit of $1000, as a deterrent for a "lost" ticket.

I own a business here in San Diego and have no problems doing the transaction at my place of business to legitimize/put to rest any questions.

I have done multiple trades/large sales/in person deals on the boards, please see my feedback.

Please don't reply unless a member in good standing.

Thanks Much,







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