Official 2019 Green Eggs Grading Contest Prize Thread
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Prize #51: So I'm going to do something a little different, hopefully it's okay. Even more than comics, I collect novels, mostly mystery and thriller and many of them signed. And since even after a bit over year on the boards, CGC grading remains a thrilling mystery to me, I offer up the following (shipped US or Canada on me, or I will split shipping wherever Fedex delivers - this is going to be pretty heavy): - donated by Bkd Reader

Matchup: Great mystery/thriller collaboration book where authors team up their main characters for adventures - Signed by CJ Box, Nelson Demille, Christopher Rice, Michael Kortya, Steve Berry, Lee Child and a few others.

Volks Game - Soviet noir spy mystery by Brent Ghelfi. It's pretty dark and one of my favorites in the genre - Out of print with a hard to get signature.

The Last Oracle by James Rollins - One of my favorite books by Rollins, an all time great in the genre and a personal favorite. Explore the temple of Delphi. Signed including a little doodle he did.

Deadpool 1000 - CGC SS 9.0 - Fun comic with a great noir mystery cover by Dave Johnson. Signed by Dave Johnson.






image.png.637cd9cfa71ee450bafd97f9bfb24dbf.pngPrize #52: an eclectic mix of DC Treasury, Marvel magazines, Star Wars Bag Books, and Charlton romance books...Will ship anywhere in US - donated by batcollector

image.png.01467054029a3f01d0f51c804118581b.pngPrize #53: $25.00 gift certificate to Ruby Tuesday , mailed anywhere there is postage. - donated by skypinkblu

image.png.1173a3211d94ef37ed67ed1f36ca5d43.pngPrize #54: Lot of 3 magazines, all in mid-grade:

Epic Illustrated #3: 1st Vanth Dreadstar

Epic Illustrated #9: Jim Starlin interview

Heavy Metal #10: I will ship worldwide on me - donated by All Be D'Oh!


Prize #55: $50 Amazon Gift Card - donated by Crops068


Prize #56: 2 ps art hardcovers (Adventures into the Unknown Volume 9, Frankenstein Comics Volume 3) - donated by shiverbones

image.png.c1a93ca37a5926d2b51732d225f2234d.pngPrize #57: Mystery Box, shipped U.S. only - donated by comics4all

Prize #58: Surprise box. What will be in it? I have no idea. Could be really good, or really bad. You'll get something, but are you willing to take that chance? (Insert Evil Laugh here) - donated by AlexH

Prize #59: Pep Comics 100 CGC 5.0 - donated by MustEatBrains

image.png.b77270287a3b104a87e549a0eb2c1a13.pngPrize #60: $100 Paypal - donated by MustEatBrains

Prize #61: LOT of 4 books: I'll ship each lot anywhere on our beautiful globe, on me ... - donated by BuscemasAvengers

  • Wonder Woman 1
  • Star Trek 5
  • SGT Fury Annual 7
  • Daredevil 158




image.png.5dd521fcc5c5e3e66e522bb6c622872d.pngPrize #62: Another Lot of 4 books: shipped worldwide - donated by BuscemasAvengers

  • Incredible Hulk Annual 5
  • X-Men 36
  • Marvel Premiere 2
  • Fantastic Four 133




image.png.8ae95b80ff89f1736bb81936c6d1ae09.pngPrize #63: "Small Stack O'Stuff": - donated by jcjames

Marvel Masterworks Hardcover FF#1-10
Captain America Winter Soldier TPB signed by Steve Epting
Iron Man Armor Wars TPB
Enormous TPB
Heavy Metal Sept 1977
Heavy Metal Oct 1978
Heavy Metal Feb 1979
Heavy Metal Sept 1979
Blondie #R-03 (1973)
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #180 (1955)
Spider-Woman #1
Spider-Woman #2
.......& some other extras as well

US Shipping only (sorry)



Prize #64: Art of Imagination book (20th century visions of science fiction, horror, and fantasy). - donated by Kreton

There is wear and a tear to the dust jacket as shown but a really cool book. US Shipping only with this one as the book weighs over 10 lbs.




Prize #65: $50 Amazon gift card - donated by ashsaytr


Prize #66: 4 book collection (X-Men Gold #30 polybagged (JSC Classified Variant), Manbat #1, Green Lantern #77, Stranger Things #?) US only - donated by WPPJames




image.png.d6657650d8ef051eb553766afcf87d16.pngPrize #67: A signed Don Newcombe '56 Cy Young baseball. I was told since it's an "official" MLB baseball US shipping only - donated by WPPJames

image.png.c1ca1e4f45e52969f6dad9be3bad9ddd.pngPrize #68: 4 book lot (X-23 #1 Variant, Aquaman/Jabberjaw #1, Spider-Gwen #1, Archer and Armstrong #0) US shipping only - donated by WPPJames




image.png.12a021d84578abf43adb99a9ece53430.pngPrize #69: 2-book lot: Sandman #1 (1974), Stalker #1 (1975) - donated by HeyMoe


image.thumb.png.e6e3603cca1114a24fa0d98d2d01ceb7.pngPrize #70: Ghostly Weird Stories #121, tough 1950s horror book with a great LB Cole cover. Low grade but presents really well for the grade. Cover wrap was split and reattached with archival tape; edges of both covers are chippy/brittle but interior pages are offwhite & supple. Call it 1.0/1.5 Shipped anywhere on me!- donated by Point Five 


Prize #71: Winners choice between 3 prizes. That way if you end up having to pick my prize, at least you'll have a choice 9_9 Each prize package will contain some unseen items that I hope you will enjoy. I will pay for shipping anywhere. - donated by flashlites

Prize A:  Notes from Hell Master Edition colorized 1-3

Prize B: Give Our Regards to The Atomsmashers 

Prize C: Space Detective July 1951-July 1952 (Pre Code Classics)




Prize #72: The Crow 9-book lot: Dead Time 1-3, Wild Justice 1-3, Flesh & Blood 1-2, and Northstar Presents James O'Barr - donated by WPPJames










image.png.8d70f540344fb019c545cf3806e41555.pngPrize #73: Stephen King's Under the Dome on DVD factory sealed (shipped anywhere) - donated by Montezuma


Prize #74: Brian Herbert's Navigators of Dune on CD factory sealed (shipped anywhere) - donated by Montezuma


Prize #75: Marvel Masterworks contains ASM 41-50 and annual 3 still sealed. Shipped worldwide. - donated by Catwomancomics

image.png.ed885c5094798072f34de1f4052f890b.pngPrize #76: The Savage Sword of Conan -3 magazines includes #s 26 (8.5), 97 (9.4/9.6), 142 (9.4+) Shipped worldwide - donated by Catwomancomics

image.png.29b4908db3776e91b5d45acc44ba25ad.pngPrize #77: Wolverine Origins 10 cgc ss 9.4 Suydam 1st Daken. Shipped worldwide. - donated by Catwomancomics

image.png.517a5b9130840d7a9480680414a7f2d3.pngPrize #78: ASM 538 cgc 9.8 Shipped worldwide - donated by Catwomancomics

image.png.2fad4b376b2ba45ccb28c411a72b5f36.pngPrize #79: 8 - DC 100 Pagers, including all the JLA ones. A virtual Omnibus! lol Conditions range from VG to Fine -, maybe VF on one. Nice reader set. - donated by Shadow


Prize #80: CGC 9.8  Harley Quinn 17  convention edition SS (signed by Harden, Sinclair, Conner, and Palmiotti) - donated by W16227

image.png.4235e82a062febc97ad371e66cd4ceac.pngPrize #81: Set of 4 New Different Deadpool 7/11 Slurpee Cups from Deadpool 2 AND New Venom Marvel Pure Hero Venom Spider-Man Dry-Fit T-Shirt (Choice of T-Shirt Size Small/Medium/Large).  T-Shirt runs on the larger size so if you normally wear XL, the large might fit okay.  Venom T-Shirt retails for $25.   US shipping only. - donated by spidermanbeyond



Prize #82: Set of 4 New Different Deadpool 7/11 Slurpee Cups from Deadpool 2 AND Tenchu Fatal Shadows XL T-Shirt with Headband. US shipping only - donated by spidermanbeyond


image.png.b98274c6d83ffe6671934eb914a634f7.pngPrize #83: New War of the Worlds (WOW) Cap and T-Shirt (small).  T-Shirt runs very small and only child will fit it.  US shipping only. - donated by spidermanbeyond



Prize #84: New HEAD Golf Cap Cool Max Classic Cut (ABA Invitational) and New Titlelist NXT Tour Golf Balls (set of 3).  US shipping only. - donated by spidermanbeyond

image.png.84fe3ead5af41503b37e312a09ad2444.pngPrize #85: a Whitman 3-pack, two Batman 3-packs (these are usually later 2nd/3rd/etc prints), and a handful of sexy/mature/GGA #1 (and one #2) comics for the age appropriate recipient.

One of the Batman 3-packs has a 1-2" hole in the shrinkwrap... but it keeps on shrinking so maybe it's time to free them?---- the Marilyn Monroe comic is probably the lowest grade of the bunch with the rest of those comics being super sharp.  Lots of great creators contributed to that Bikini Confidential #1 including Alan Moore, Adam Hughes, Mark Schultz, Alan Davis, John Bolton and others!

US shipping is covered, or $10 towards worldwide shipping. - donated by Warlord



image.png.1a5daf9d8965e19c7a13ea4949c9de07.pngPrize #86: The Fantastic Four Omnibus Volume 1 - donated by Larryw7

Prize #87: Set of all 4 German exclusive variant covers - each limited to 777 copies. worldwide shipping ( except china) is on me - donated by Zalgardos

image.png.49b0092239b532f72b2660cfda6841dc.pngPrize #88: Green Lantern Vol. 2 #89, it's around a 6. If the chooser prefers, I will paypal $25, if they would rather have that. - donated by ElrodAllWrong

Prize #89: the one and only real life Funko of the Greggy9000 (will arrive sometime between mid to late October) Shipping to the US and Canada only.  - donated by toro

image.png.a4f79ac9bdeac3e8d9be63cdbf1e8140.pngPrize #90: Mid to Upper grade Bronze Horror 5-pack (Haunted #54, Beyond the Grave #6?, Weird War Tales #112, Ghostly Tales #135, Weird Mystery Tales #21,  Weird War Tales #?, and Spectre #?) - donated by shiverbones



Prize #91: Evolutionary War Omnibus and Avengers/X-men Axis Hardcover (both are one prize). Free US Shipping only.  - donated by TheGeneral

image.png.2c95e9d91cd5a543415eaf38392f7741.pngPrize #92: 4-comic set for prize redemption: something old, something new, something collected, and something blue. U.S. shipping only.  In full disclosure, the Princess is missing a page (what ever that grades out to; I'm not exactly a grading contest champion) and the Nick Fury trade has a stain on the edge of a couple pages (doesn't affect the readability). - donated by Jonathan78

image.png.5dbd333ad7f224151999c433241b3ea7.pngPrize #93: Low grade reader lot of 10 cent Action Comics....((includes #239, 243, 246, 267, 273, 275, 280 & 281) - donated by Hudson

image.png.f6d9c0275d83d7e7689e471301b9720e.pngPrize #94: Mary Marvel #20 2.0/2.5 - OW/W (shipped anywhere-from Australia) - donated by AJD 



Prize #95: $25 ebay gift card - donated by JJ Speederman

Prize #96: Dc Special Series 2 - Swamp Thing VF/NM Signed by Berni Wrightson - donated by guldanaaron1


Prize #97: $25 Amazon gift card - donated by doublej


Prize #98: $25 Amazon gift card - donated by Cozmo-One


Prize #99: $25 ebay gift card - donated by Wolverinex





Bonus #1: Mystery box #3 will go to someone randomly selected from the bottom half of the participants who have completed all of the rounds. - donated by Ron C.  

Bonus #2: Booby prize awarded to the participant with the lowest score and who has completed all 10 rounds. Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide 2nd Edition - donated by aszumilo



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Really cool hardcover book collections of Golden Age stories and quite expensive books back in the day.  (thumbsu

Superman from the 30's to the 70's - Second Printing, January 1972 & Batman With Robin The Boy Wonder from the 30's to the 70's - Second Printing, February 1972. 

Both books complete with dust jackets.   Shipping is USPS Priority Mail within the US only.


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