Opinions on this Jeff Smith sig?

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I bought my copy of Bone #1 (2nd print) years ago with an unverified signature on the cover. I didn't have to pay extra for the sig, but I am curious if you all think this one is legit or not. Thanks for any opinions in advance.


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11 hours ago, elibowman said:

Bump....anyone with a thought on this one? 

I think you should look on ebay for CGC SS Bone comics, do some side-by-side comparisons with zooming in, possibly post the pictures here.

Also, I think it looks good

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On 10/29/2019 at 11:23 AM, elibowman said:

Had tried that, though I haven't posted any pics. Here is a snip from one of the better competitor's slabs that I think looks like mine (at least the first half of the sig sure does).

Annotation 2019-10-29 132131.png

On the off chance you’re still wondering about this (I think it’s real btw as he uses a brace now), submit to cbcs for verification. Their tech is legit.

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